200+ Best Infographic Submission Sites List (Earn Backlinks)

200+ Best Infographic Submission Sites List (Earn Backlinks)


Do you want to get more traffic on your business website? If your answer is yes, this article is for you. Are you familiar with the word infographics? Infographics are a great tool to market your business online. 

At present, we are living in an age of an online world. If you want to be more successful in your business, you have to depend on online marketing strategies. But we all know that the trends of advanced SEO and online marketing strategies are increasing day by day. Many new approaches are coming to the Digital Marketing Industries to boost your traffic on the search engines. Infographic submission is one of these strategies that provide positive effects on search engine rankings.

People indeed attract by the images than text. For this reason, the popularity of Infographics is increasing day by day. But producing an infographic is only half done. You have to promote it to get the desired result. In this respect, the experts believe in submitting infographics on various websites to promote your website. 

Today, we will introduce you to several Infographic Submission Sites on the web that give you the platform to present your products or services attractively among the audience. Do stay with us.

What is Infographics? 

The word Infographics comes from the words Information and Graphics. It combines text, images, charts, diagrams, and video. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic is a visual representation of information or data. 

The goal of infographics is not only to inform but also to make the viewing process fun. 

Here is an example of Infographics 

An infographic is-

  1. A good infographic is like a story. 
  2. An effective way to present data.
  3. A better way to explain complex issues.
  4. It can quickly lead to insight and understand better. 
  5. A tool to educate and inform. 
  6. A way to build brand awareness. 
  7. Marketers can use infographics to drive more website traffic. 

What is an Infographic Submission?

Infographic Submission refers to make attractive infographics and submit them on various platforms to promote their business. It is one of the most effective techniques used for SEO through social media. These Infographics are increasingly used on the internet to share information and link-building purposes. The main reason for the popularity of infographics is that they are more interesting than long articles or blogs. 

Advantages of Infographic Submission

Infographic submission offers many advantages, especially in SEO. These include-

  1. Infographics are shared more than any other information available in text form on social media like Facebook and Twitter. 
  2. Infographics are the most effective in SEO in the world of online marketing because it earns more incoming links. 
  3. Infographics can make complicated information understandable to the audience. 
  4. Incorporate world your brand logo with an infographic can also prove to be a valuable method for promotion purposes. 
  5. Many people prefer to convey their point of view through simple presentations and, this method effectively helps them. 

What are Infographic Submission Sites?

Infographic submission sites are those to which you can use to submit your infographics. Social media has an impact on Infographics to enhance digital marketing for bloggers and SEO. There are many Infographics submission sites like Flickr, Photobucket to submit your infographics. 

Whatever it is not easy to find the best Infographic Submission Sites on the internet. In this respect, we will help you. There is a list of top Infographic Submission Sites given below that you can utilize to submit your infographics. 

Why is the use of an Infographic Submission Site so important?

The use of an Infographic Submission Site is a crying need to the blogger and internet user. You need to take a creative approach to separate your content from the others. It is becoming more difficult today to grab the attention of people online. Using Infographics is an effective way to grab the attention of the people. 

Infographics are a powerful tool that allows people to digest information easily through visual data, charts and, statistics. To do so, Infographic Submission Sites play a role. 

Here are some of the top infographics submission sites to promote your content and increase its visibility online. 

Top Ten most popular Free Infographic Submission Sites

  1. Pinterest
  2. Slideshare
  3. Mashable Infographics
  4. Behance
  5. Flickr
  6. Reddit r/infographic
  7. Visual.ly
  8. Daily infographic
  9. Flowing Data
  10. Cool Infographics


Domain Authority-98

Alexa Rank-77

Pinterest is the biggest platform to submit your infographics for free. It has tons of traffic. You have to create an account to submit your infographics here. You can submit infographics as much as you want.

cOBqmYYlDv1nf5RYEF 0wl8qKprnecZflC15r9rFktgHpqPQe4Tf8Hw2symztMPHzBI5unh2sqTDO04XdhS2MrpYHGJ3L8SP6JYLZQe3whgkC fe WSmeml9Kk1VHzKJOSz Rw

Submission Link: https://www.pinterest.com


Domain Authority-95

Alexa Rank-183

Slideshare is the biggest platform to share your presentations, PDFs, Documents, Keynotes, Infographics for free. Linkedin is the owner of this website. You can submit your Infographics here by creating an account on it. The infographics you want to submit should be in PDF format.

sWMFBbcZ7lxbuZEZ3Ti8YQ4h6or7jFHdygdGmj6yvVWtpJ7qhNTrjwMFlsgjTB2v9TVMGnEatB8LIYKLNVQ6j0pSvyCNCdV7xNJ2TzI i3tKqFENImsxMwT1a8YxZ h0LPbKInQ

Submission Link: http://www.slideshare.net/upload

Mashable Infographics

Domain Authority-95

Alexa Rank-1034

The Mashable Infographics is the most popular technology blog. Here you can submit infographics related to technology, social media, entertainment and, current events. 

GkUFHzCVtRQQGhV2IzXQhh2AtpFgGs3IymcQIvc5J2QQDZju9d Je5X2za4UAM 10Iah0ym4ZYCzltTt1K3npIQIia03HgwuQNkpd3rnNVaLvknI953adIh1EoejckQFJlh nU

Submission Link: http://mashable.com/submit/


Domain Authority-92

Alexa Rank-248

Behance is familiar to designers all over the world. It is a showcase of the latest work of the designers. If you create an exclusive infographic, you can showcase it here and earn high-quality backlinks. To submit your infographic on Behance.net, you have to create an account.

WAJ8itCJdR4kaiHBefD6fjbD4ok8uVOQ7a q vAIPuK8kj725SLG Usu8Yvbzguz3bRBwUyC KXZ0KiOrI2CpKYMCuvWrytQhzGmoVmqde POkzZfdJBD XPSmeVGP6dKB9DaPw

Submission Link: http://behance.net


Domain Authority-92

Alexa Rank-371

Though Flickr is a photo-sharing community, you can use it to submit your infographics for free. Many designers have used Flickr to share their portfolios. To submit your infographics, you have to create an account and an album on this website. 

nt2y3LreGiOCY8oXOqfRQdO954O T y2gvTFrjfoFKqpiChG52 oL399fCXpiCM4GSZzwhD9udtztjnYldWA

Submission Link: https://www.flickr.com/signup

Reddit r/infographic

Domain Authority-91

Alexa Rank-14

Reddit is one of the most popular sites used all over the world. If you create an infographic, you should submit it on Reddit. It has several subreddits dedicated to infographics. The most popular infographic subreddit is r/infographic. Create an account on Reddit and submit your infographic. Your infographic can go viral through Reddit. Whatever, Reddit has some rules and regulations for each subreddit. Before submitting your infographics, you should read them all.

Ku9Rk3fKnscHmRdr1YkyDBxaeT NuMx5pVKkdD2OiH5FHTHXiuz0wQOVkXD23SguC95wGDn9Bcg22MLrL jB4ViT8dXHeXwGVZe0mjqtPITxKBFj1PlKHLZOTxX7W 7w8sLKtEU

Submission Link: https://www.reddit.com/account/register/


Domain Authority-80

Alexa Rank-23294

Visual.ly is the best infographic submission site where you can submit your infographics for free. You can submit your infographics and analyze their performance. You also can create, share and sell your infographics here. 

AHL0Mwx3 tU1h PWdmsRfIav5IzTte Bk5Bx33aVF lAzPBKgy2jD

Submission Link: https://visual.ly/view

Daily infographic

Domain Authority-79

Alexa Rank-106302

The daily infographic is one of the popular infographic submission sites that publish an infographic every day. You can see how many views each infographic got on their website. It is a free website. You can submit your infographic here using their contact page. 

LsBA9 3OaTJQ wCGptotOHXdDzZe DDqOY54stCmPMsoYyMso3FhN tLeLF8W6wIj8IEUYCNGyJyechiO5 e0yHuXeM68wqyZoJyqHRoT bCnxKdZSSX jtes433qFnNyW1 06U

Submission Link: http://www.dailyinfographic.com/contact/sponsorship

Flowing Data

Domain Authority-76

Alexa Rank- 62241

The Flowing Data is such a submission website, where you can submit your infographic if it contains much data. It only publishes data visualizations. 

Jan7ILbiKjkcHVdn2TJKCotWI8uyVJyDxVz5hYazRrdO5lFznwHL9y2yYjp7UH sd3Sk1agIJT7BsrFzJNqAVsqMa9FgjfXuCVKs3SCuS9LWFuLeF

Submission Link: http://flowingdata.com/contact

Cool Infographics 

Domain Authority-60

Alexa Rank-335185

The cool infographic is one of the best infographic submission sites to submit your infographics. If you want to submit your infographic to this site, you have to contact them through their contact page. 

MNeMU86LDH0nQLlEGDdLtOpJT3Kelg9G98nl8EananRDvnAzZm3i8x1ia18AOpMy4YvoMHrWw82lxCRTSh pFjLYRNSrAf8tjkAwh61c8eUVOcPdrweFZ qtYZqRIQkUkFu3YVM

Submission Link: http://www.coolinfographics.com/Contact

Top Ten Best Paid Infographic Submission sites 

  1. Graphs
  2. Infographics Archives
  3. Infographic Journal 
  4. Submit Infographic
  5. Infographics Showcase
  6. News I Like
  7. Infographic Portal
  8. 8Infographics Posters
  9. Infographic Bee
  10. lkrllc


Domain Authority-54

Alexa Rank-722

Graphs.net is known for discovering creative and unique infographics. It provides you the latest infographics on various topics. It also gives you a guarantee for immediate placement on their website with a single backlink. It’s a paid service. It takes 25$/submission wherein they take 1-3 days to submit your infographics. To submit your infographics check out their submission page.

teXcCmao8XzN9jam7rNdrT B19vgqZWwU XiSFDd DNu3PMvlZJr2G VvHzbV0 rfqD gt1R0DK99S7RcBIkQeCiEw9LXLIXnwRRKrH9ZXh2GtQDI1sYV63X11snIo97YDnGo0U

Submission Link: https://graphs.net/submit

Infographics Archives 

Domain Authority-54

Alexa Rank-508774

The infographics Archives have a lot of social following. They promote your infographics on their social media. For each standard submission, you have to pay 20$. They will publish it within five business days. 

j1Qpl M3IXRkrRF2Vhm0JRE0EHKZAhx3SeXdKVAyZkFkWaB5mkpbXRylLu5 rZl oi9VEfd708HMNi7JHZlR83WC

Submission Link: http://www.infographicsarchive.com/submit-infographics/

Infographic Journal 

Domain Authority-54

Alexa Rank-304558

The infographic Journal has a lot of different categories of infographics where you can submit your infographic. The express submission will cost 25$. It is a great way to receive some high-quality do-follow backlinks.

j10UzOlGLYMw70 ZYIipXX OAU aweZq9d8dff5u V2QUdL6r4BnKHgoQ08CxMDfRNhM5sQ7qVA8FsESVWIavZQSrsOx2BfZQqL7RyzhVZqGQgD8 l6S6lRDAwht4uwznGfVGew

Submission Link: http://infographicjournal.com/submit-infographics/basic-submission/

Submit Infographics

Domain Authority-47

Alexa Rank-792666

The Submit Infographic is one of the most experienced submission sites online. It provides a platform for designers. You have to submit a form if you want to submit your infographic here. It will cost 15$ for regular submission.

j uprT blZ1vXt5GrM22Oh8kIpEdgOFxtMUVQBkW7W8TOFs8di5cfQeVbBl6G73ddRlWFdOm7dsiesX

Submission Link: http://submitinfographics.com/submit-infographics

Infographics Showcase

Domain Authority-42

Alexa Rank-705662

The Infographics Showcase updates new infographics on its website regularly with a wide variety of infographics. This website accepts no free infographic submissions. If you want to submit your infographics here, you have to purchase and then send your infographics. It will cost 25$ for the submission of your infographic.


Submission Link-http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/submit/

News I Like

Domain Authority-37

Alexa Rank-1055390

The News I Like has started its journey in 2010. If you want to submit your infographics here, you have to visit its contact page. Each submission will cost 30$. 

Submission Link-http://www.newsilike.in/contact/

Infographic Portal

Domain Authority-36

Alexa Rank-280538

The Infographic Portal has a good collection of infographics with high-quality information and data. For express infographic submission, you have to pay 10$. It will publish your infographics within 24 hours if they meet their quality guidelines. 

Submission Link-https://www.infographicportal.com/submit-infographics/ 

Infographics Posters

Domain Authority-30

Alexa Rank-589053

The Infographics Poster provides a platform for all the infographic fans to come together and share their works. If you want to submit your infographics to this site, you have to visit their submission page for guidelines and more details. Each submission will cost you 20$.

X0Ohik3zhucwsleN6t2ev2pvjIqjqdNbNKFnL DJduww0 Z 6Ch7LgENBp0ZZeC096FtU 4 ekmHoHnZVTnwGRdHKCodfloa2V4b

Submission Link-https://www.infographicsposters.com/submit-infographics.html

Infographic Bee

Domain Authority-27

Alexa Rank-929523

The infographic Bee is known for the best and most exciting infographics to share with its audience. If you want to submit your infographics here, you have to pay 10$. 

Submission Link-https://www.infographicbee.com/submit-infographics/


Domain Authority-14

Alexa Rank-2567221

The lkrllc is a paid infographic submission site with 12 years old domain. Visit the site to submit your infographics. Each submission will cost you 10$. 


Submission Link-https://lkrllc.com/submit-infographics/

How to complete an Infographic submission?

Infographic submission refers to submit your infographics on other websites to get targeted visitors and audiences. With our step-by-step guide on How To Complete an Infographic Submission, you can learn the process and can promote it easily on the internet.

There are a lot of infographics submission sites on the web. Here we will show you how slideshare.net works. 

To submit an infographic, you have to follow the steps given below. 


The first thing you have to do is nothing but create an infographic. 


Search slideshare.net on your browser. The page will look like the page shown below.

KCcmxQ7DG61MDQ iibBX9GJkuPDkTYNw oRViqJ yhNzUmozqeK9T zEBButawLfvcpqs8H9f


Now you have to create an account here. To do so, sign up with your details.

Zn ne8sMM7amcxOkoX XPjHgyA8XCvAOqwzzZIpJmIxwPgnpluWFr57VjQALzSWfPm9QqeW5rs 8Xsw C O4qYwXcnvrCYQpKGHVK6vRgSOvz3eeB2BJ2dMIc1Aw1Eqtg3fccOY


The next step is to upload your infographic to this site. 

gCaXUzhKJnxGvBtKTwLtZQR9GBqRHCiHMBJI3RlvQWxcwAJo a8E6K3DSiUJfo6 U9zac4ieA49FwCiDnzJvvRLahDFZFzfKiJQzqlxRpKWpu4


You are all done now. 

Follow the steps and achieve your desired goal.

Secret Tips for productive Infographic Submission

It is an investment to promote an infographic to a website. So before submitting an infographic to any infographic submission site, we have to be careful about the steps given below. We all have to think overall about these steps to ensure that it is a worthwhile one. 

By using the steps, you can get some good ideas for your infographic. These will not only earn traffic to your website but also will improve your company’s reputation. 

1. Create a good infographic

Create an infographic in such a way that it explains the root idea of your thoughts. It should be creative enough to attract visitors at very first sight. Always remember that your promotion efforts are only going to be as worthwhile as your infographic is. So if you are not a designer, get a good one to create your infographic. 

2. Content for infographic

After completing the designing part, you have to create content for your infographic. The content of your infographic must be attractive so that you can get the attention of the visitors. It can help you get maximum views and shares on the internet as content is the king while doing SEO. In short, a well-written summary eases you to drive traffic to your website.  

3.Research the submission sites

There are a lot of infographic submission sites out there. But all are not suitable for you. Choose the best infographic submission site for your infographic. To do so, you have to search and consider the facts given below. 

  • Domain authority
  • Already posted infographics
  • Requirements for submission
  • Overall grammar and syntax
  • Cost 

These criteria will help you to find the best infographic submission site to submit your infographic.

4. Instant submission sites

The next step for submitting an infographic is to search for those infographic submission sites that provide instant submission services for your infographic. Several websites take time considering your infographic. You should ignore them and choose a website that has an instant submission opportunity. The instant infographic submission can also help you in various other ways for your off-page optimization SEO.

5. Build relationship

After the submission of your infographic, you may get audiences at your infographic. If you can get so, build relationships with them to get their attention. Thus they will look for your other infographics. These can help your infographic for audience building. If you have a good relationship with your audience, you will be able to achieve your goal. 

I hope you have absorbed the tips up here. By using these tips, you will get even more return on the initial infographic investment. You also can build your list of contacts for future marketing efforts.

List of Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites 

Dofollow infographic Submission Sites can play a vital role to generate quality traffic on your website. Here are some Dofollow infographic submission sites for you.

Sl. No.WebsiteType
1.www.seo-hacker.com/ Dofollow
2.www.seotechyworld.com/ Dofollow
3.www.shobhaponnappa.com/ Dofollow
4.www.simplifytechnologyblog.com/ Dofollow
5.www.siouxcityjournal.com/ Dofollow
6.www.slymarketing.com/ Dofollow
8.www.socialtimes.com/ Dofollow
9.www.stopdropandblog.com/ Dofollow
10.www.superbloggingtips.com/ Dofollow
11.www.teachgoodstuff.com/ Dofollow
12.www.thefutureisred.com/ Dofollow
13.www.thepodcastersstudio.com Dofollow
14.www.trueinventor.org/ Dofollow
15.www.unbounce.com/ Dofollow
16.www.w3blog.dk/ Dofollow
17.www.wassupblog.com/ Dofollow
18.www.weblogbetter.com/ Dofollow
19.www.weblogtoolscollection.com/ Dofollow
21.www.wpslideshowplugin.com/   Dofollow
22.www.3ptechies.com/ Dofollow
23.www.abovealloffers.com/ Dofollow
24.www.adriennesmith.net/ Dofollow
25.www.aha-now.com/latest-posts/ Dofollow
26.www.amfastech.com/ Dofollow
27.www.animhut.com/ Dofollow
28.www.annieandre.com/ Dofollow
29.www.articpost.com/ Dofollow
30.www.awesomebloggers.com/ Dofollow
31.www.becomeablogger.com/ Dofollow
32.www.benspark.com/ Dofollow
33.www.besttipsforblogging.com/ Dofollow
34.www.bizchickblogs.com/ Dofollow
35.www.bizsuccessguide.com/ Dofollow
36.www.blog-directory.org/ Dofollow
37.www.blog.brsoftech.com/ Dofollow
38.www.blogclarity.com/ Dofollow
39.www.blogdir.co.uk/ Dofollow
40.www.blogdirectory.ws/ Dofollow
41.infographicden.co.uk/ Dofollow
42.datavisualizations.tumblr.com Dofollow
43.infographicjournal.com Dofollow
44.theinfographics.blogspot.com/ Dofollow
46.www.discoverinfographics.com/ Dofollow
48.infographicsmania.com Dofollow
49.infographiclist.com Dofollow
50.submitinfographics.com Dofollow
51.www.infographicsshowcase.com Dofollow
52.allinfographics.org/ Dofollow
53.www.infographicsposters.com Dofollow
54.www.bestinfographic.co.uk Dofollow
55.www.infographicpost.com Dofollow
56.infographixdirectory.com/ Dofollow
57.www.infographic.ca Dofollow
58.chartsbin.com/  Dofollow
60.www.infographicsarchive.com Dofollow
61. www.infographicszone.com Dofollow
62. www.todayinfographic.com/Dofollow
63.infographicas.com/ Dofollow
64.www.dailystatistic.com Dofollow
65.www.best-infographics.com Dofollow
66. topinfographic.com/ Dofollow
67.revuwire.com  Dofollow
68.www.infographicsubmission.com Dofollow
71.www.infographic.so/ Dofollow
72.www.infographic-police.blogspot.com/ Dofollow
73.www.visulattic.com/ Dofollow
74.www.infographicden.co.uk/ Dofollow
75.www.infographicwebsite.com/ Dofollow

List of paid Infographic Submission Sites in 2021

Some paid Infographic Submission Sites for you that provide instant submission services.

Sl. NoWebsiteTypeCost (USD)
1.www.pureinfographics.com/ Paid40
2.www.ucollectinfographics.com/ Freemium5
3.www.winfographics.com/ Paid10
4.www.infographicbee.com/  Freemium6
5.www.infographicexpo.com/ Freemium5
6.www.infographicjournal.com/ Freemium25
7.www.graphs.net/ Paid25
8.www.submitinfographics.com/ Paid15
9.www.infographicsshowcase.com/ Paid25
10.www.infographicportal.com/ Paid10
11.www.infographicsarchive.com/ Paid20
12.www.infographicsonline.net/  Paid45
13.www.infographicsonly.com/ Paid89
14.www.infographicsposter.com/ Paid20
15.www.itsinfographics.com/ Paid100
16.www.lkrllc.com/ Paid10
17.www.newsilike.in/ Freemium
18.www.infographick.com/  Paid75
19.www.infographiclove.com/  Paid75
21.www.infographicsarchive.com/ Paid20
22.www.goodinfographics.com/ Freemium25
23.www.info-graphic.co.uk/ /Paid31
25.www.discoverinfographics.com/ /Paid20
26.www.dailyinfographic.com/ Paid
27.www.best-infographics.com/ /Paid10
28.www.aniartdesign.com/ Paid10
29.www.amazinginfographics.com/ Paid100
30.www.infographixdirectory.com/ Paid13
31.www.infographicdatabase.com/ Paid20

List of free Infographic Submission Sites in 2021 

Sl. NoWebsiteAlexa Rank
1.www.infographicheaven.com/ 963735
2.www.infographicszone.com/ 346126
3.www.newsfix.co.uk/  650920
4.www.info-graphic.co.uk/ 448913
5.www.thedinfographics.com/  917934
6.www.infographicsmaze.com/  2153180
7.www.picographic.tumblr.com/  2194217
8.www.latestinfographics.com/ 472530
9.www.example-infographics.com/  1702596
10.www.radinfographics.com/ 1396622
11.www.envisualizations.com/  1476506
12.www.infographicstyles.com/  2974801
13.www.travel-infographic.com/ 3169235
14.www.infographic-police.blogspot.com/  14987503
15.www.medicalinfographics.wordpress.com/  1787251
16.www.infographicscentral.com/  2419781
17.www.datagraphie.com/ 2065589
18.www.infographicsdesigns.com/  4987952
19.www.infographicsubmission.com/  793029
20.www.allinfographics.org/ 1476506
21.www.videoinfographic.com/  339243
22.www.ratemyinfographic.com/ 1143223
23.www.bestinfographics.co.uk/ 744170
24.www.bestinfographics.info/ 225534
25.www.winfographics.com/ 1319279
26.www.brandlessblog.com/ 1017172
27.www.infographicsamples.com/  436054
28.www.muchmost.com/ 2955169
29.www.infographicimages.com/  893838
30.www.infographicsarchive.com/  112190
31.www.infographicsonline.com/  236397
32.www.infographic.co.za/ 851182
33.www.omginfographics.com/ 278545
34.www.pureinfographics.com/ 586673
35.www.infographiclove.com/ 890212
36.www.infographicdirectory.wordpress.com/  14987504
37.www.infographixdirectory.com/ 160245
39.www.cooldailyinfographics.com/  697738
40.www.infographicsonly.com/ 440884
41.www.html5infographics.com/ 1359707
42.www.dailystatistic.com/ 245958
43.www.infographicdatabase.com/  522084
44.www.allinfographics.org/ 260728
45.www.discoverinfographics.com/  1084882
46.www.reddit.com/ 32
47.www.mediacaffeine.com/ 478366
48.www.newsilike.in/  151302
49.www.vizualarchive.com/ 531811
50.www.theinfographics.blogspot.com/  2054098
51.www.easel.ly/ 24218
52.www.graphs.net/  150321
53.www.submitinfographics.com/  114881
54.www.pdviz.com/ 572101
55.www.infographiclabs.com/ 468130
56.www.loveinfographics.com/  154607
57.www.infographicjournal.com/  88595
59.www.infographicboard.com/  1997976
60.www.infographicsmania.com/  305348
61.www.flowingdata.com/ 37625
62.www.visualising.org/  4631373
63.www.mashable.com/  337
64.www.good.is/infographics/ 5671
65.www.coolinfographics.com/  58684
66.www.dailyinfographic.com/  50563
67.www.ilovecharts.tumblr.com/  244503
68.www.chartporn.org/ 658197
69.www.infosthetics.com/  339735
70.www.infographicsshowcase.com/  136654
71.www.infographicas.com/ 575020
72.www.infographicpost.com/ 298082
73.www.infographicsking.com/ 394032
74.www.best-infographics.com/  457073
75.www.styleandflow.com/  540171

The SEO benefits of Infographic Submission

From an SEO point of view, infographic submission can help you in many ways as they offer link value. It is one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign. Here are some facts that describe the SEO benefits of infographic submission.  

Visual content is the best way to reach your audience: Make your content that is right for your target audience. According to a survey, content marketing that B2B companies have seen a 65% increase using infographics over the last four years. Adding pictures and other visual elements to your content can help you to enhance your viewership. It will make your content go viral.

Gives quality backlinks that hold value: An infographic is one of the most effective methods of link building. It can generate a large number of backlinks compared to other link-building methods on the web. 

The links found inside of an infographic hold value, just like links found inside a piece of text. Using internal links will help improve your navigation and, external links will help improve your credibility. Both are important SEO factors. 

Increases brand awareness: Infographics can provide informative information about your brand, products, or services through engaging visual content. According to the experts, an infographic can not only increase brand awareness but also boost website traffic.

Infographics are sharable and linkable: Through infographics, online digital marketers can get many results. As infographics are easier to read and understand, they are more likely to be shared amongst readers. The more times your content is shared, the better visibility and engagement you will get.

FAQs about Infographic Submission sites

How can I make an infographic for free?

You can easily make a free infographic from a free website that provides infographic templates. Choose an infographic template, add your information, and there you have it, stunning custom infographic. 
You can follow the steps below-
Get started with Canva
Select a template
Customize your infographic design
Perfect your design with elements
Save and share

Are infographics effective?

Infographics are effective because they combine the written word with visual elements that describe big ideas into small spaces. Presenting information in such a way encourages visitors to spend time on your site, consuming and sharing more of your content. 

How can infographics help us in our society?

Infographics are a powerful tool for people to digest information easily through visual data, charts, and statistics. An infographic can grab the attention of the audience and even persuasive graphics with proper use of color, proportion, and information. 

What is infographic submission in SEO?

Infographic Submission is the most effective technique used for  Search Engine Optimization through social media.  It is a graphical representation depicting some information or integrated with data.

Where to share infographics?

The best way to drive more traffic to your infographic is to publish it on popular infographic submission websites. It will help you build more backlinks to your site and improve your search rankings.

Are infographics good for SEO?

The use of Infographics can enhance Your SEO efforts. A study has shown that content containing graphics or images can generate 94% more views than content without any images. Moreover, if you include a link on the infographic, you can bring more visitors back to your website.

What is an infographic submission website?

Infographic submission sites are those to which you can use to submit your infographics. There are many Infographics submission sites like Flickr, Photobucket to submit your infographics. 

Can you create an infographic in MS Word?

Yes, we can create an infographic in MS Word using graphs, pictures, and shapes. These will make our infographics more visually appealing.

What makes an infographic bad?

Including too much information in your infographics can make your infographics bad. A common mistake made by amateur infographic creators is including too much information in a single piece. Also, too much information in your graphs and charts can defeat the whole purpose of your infographics. 

How is the size should an infographic be?

You should decide the size of your infographic based on the platform you plan to share it on. Each of those has different requirements. Such as-
Facebook posts: 1200 x 628 pixels
Facebook Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Instagram posts: 1080 x 1080 pixels OR 1080 x 566 pixels 
Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Twitter: 1200 x 675 pixels
LinkedIn: 1104 x 736 pixels
Pinterest: 600 x 900 pixels

Final Words

Infographic submission is the best way to earn backlinks and increase user engagement. Previously, business owners had no enough tools to promote their business websites. Hence, they could not connect directly with their potential customers. As a result, any query or complaint could not reach the business owners. But using an infographic, you can reach nearer to your potential customers and get feedback on your product and service frequently. In this way, you can make aware of the response of your product. So, you can rectify your product or service according to the customer’s need. It is the main advantage of infographic submission in the internet world. 

So, if you want to promote your website or blog, choose an infographic submission task as a priority base. It is easy to use and can spread your image rapidly on different social media platforms. As a result, you can get consistent and targeted traffic to your website and earn more. 

If you have any questions about the infographic submission, then please let us know in the comment section. Also, if you know any other top infographic submission sites missing here, please share them with us. We will add them to our list.

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