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SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

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SEO Fundamentals Course

Brush up on the basics of SEO with this free and in-depth course from Semrush favourite Greg Gifford.

  • 1. Search engine basics

    1. Search engines and how they work

    2. Crawling, indexing, and ranking

    3. SERP Layout

  • 2. Technical SEO

    1. Intro

    2. HTTPS

    3. Site speed

    4. Robots.txt and sitemaps

    5. URLs

    6. Duplicate content and rel='canonical'

    7. Structured Data

    8. Status Codes>

    9. Inspecting your site for an audit

  • 3. Link signals

    1. Intro

    2. Anchor text

    3. Bad links

    4. Link analysis

    5. Link building

  • 4. On-page signals

    1. Intro

    2. Keyword research

    3. Writing and optimizing content

    4. On-page elements

  • 5. SEO for mobile

    1. Intro

    2. Responsive websites

    3. Page speed, AMP, and PWAs

    4. User experience focus

  • 6. ranking signals & Audit Online Visibility

    1. Other ranking signals

    2. Audit Your Site Health

    3. Benchmark Your Keyword Visibility Against a Competitor

    4. Enhance your Backlink Authority

    5. Report Your Progress

    6. Outro

  • 7. International SEO

    1. International SEO

  • 8. Local SEO

    1. Intro

    2. Local links and citations

    3. Local content

    4. Other local factors