Are SEO Keywords Case Sensitive? Details Explained

Are SEO Keywords Case Sensitive? Details Explained

Keywords are the most important things in SEO. Blogger or any website owner can be successful easily, if they finds the best keywords for their blog. When blogger finds low competitive keywords that will help them to rank faster on Google, some of them want to know about the case sensitive issue of SEO keywords. Through this post, we will try to solve this issue.

What is Case Sensitivity?

Case sensitivity is something like the uppercase and lowercase letters that are treated as different value. For example, when a user search for laptop in online, e-books or others places, “laptop” and “Laptop” aren’t the same value. It can be the same significance to them.

We know that these are several patterns like:

  • Upper Case
  • Lower Case
  • Camel Case
  • title case

What is SEO Keywords?

SEO keyword is a word or phrase that can be single or multiple. Users search these phrase to find your service, product or your online presence. SEO Keywords are vital things to be reach out targeted audience.

If you are able to find the best keywords for your business, you can easily bit your competitors. There are a lot of awesome keyword research tools that help you to select targeted keywords.

Are SEO Keywords Case Sensitive?

Most of the SEO professionals think that SEO keywords aren’t case sensitive. If a user search on Google for “Dog”, “dog” or “DOG”, all of these keywords are same results.

In bellow image, we found this result for “dog” keyword

dog keyword google search
SERP for ‘dog’ keyword

Now we found another results in bellow for “Dog” keyword that are same as top image

Dog Keyword google seearch
SERP for ‘Dog’ keyword

In last, we found the same results in bellow for “DOG” keywords like the “dog” and “Dog” keywords.

DOG keywords google result
SERP for ‘DOG’ keyword

Any change of the keywords capitalization don’t affect on search ranking or ads performance.

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