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What's your top growth hacks for website marketing? It's a common question that all bloggers or website owners face. Website traffic is a super easy answer but much tougher to know accurate data. That’s why a well featured website traffic estimator can be the best tools ever.

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Website Traffic Overview

✅ Website Traffic Overview

See all your traffic and discover the trends of market. Check the total visits of website, Compare competitor's unique and shared audiences, Pages per visit, Average visit duration, and Bounce rate

✅ Audience Insights

Audience insights is the sheer scale data set of audience profiles across age, gender, family, location, income, education, and occupation. You can segment your defined “seed” audience based on different preferences and demographic details. This insights metric shows the most relevant media and connects with new users.

Audience Insights
Geo Distribution

✅ Geo Distribution

Geo distribution analytics show us the visitors country, region, or subcontinent.  There are a lot of businesses depending on specific geographical areas. To reach out to the targeted customer or create any automation based on location, geo distribution can help to measure accurate data. 

What are important things to remember using a website traffic estimator?

When bloggers compare site statistics in Google Analytics and other analyzers, they find more unmatched traffic data. Google depends on their own data source to show analytics.

And the maximum website traffic estimator is connected with several data sources. For this it’s a normal issue to get different data than Google Analytics.

How can I check the traffic?

You’re really curious to monitor your competitor’s website’s traffic, or how popular your content is. There are plenty of online tools to do these things successfully. Tecxoo website traffic estimation tool is one of the best analyzers. It has been created with all of its exclusive features to get accurate traffic data.
Here are some basic guidelines to check the traffic:

Website Traffic Overview

Letting you judge the effectiveness of each breakdown for preparing digital strategies, learn competitor’s historical data. This will help you to grow your channel and hack hidden gems of the site.
It’s very important to check following parameters:

1. Total visits of website:

Knowing your total website traffic is the main key point to setting a well based marketing plan. It will also indicate the estimated revenue and compare with your competitors.

2. Compare competitor’s unique and shared audiences:

Competitor’s website traffic overview can be the great asset to defeat them. Research more deeply the unique and shared audience of your competitor’s.

3. Pages per visit:

When your site’s page is viewed or refreshed, it’s called “Pageview”. Each page view is considered the total number of times were viewed or refreshed. For this reason, page visits aren’t unique.

4. Average visit duration:

Average visit duration is average amount of time in a single session limit in each page views. You can measure your targeted goal using this awesome metric.

5. Bounce rate:

Generally Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions on your website. When a visitor views any single page of a site, it sends only a single request to the analytics server. According to marketing professionals, 26 to 40 percent bounce rate is an excellent sign for a website page.

Top Pages

Top page signs are the most essential metrics in determining to focus on future optimization driving more traffic. Number of sessions, bounce rate, new users, session duration, and other key metrics drive as a top page.
Top pages focus on the ranked for the most keywords, search in each keyword and the estimated number of visitors of the pages.

Final Thoughts

Boom! You’re aware now of your web asset and competitor’s. Website traffic is a very essential sign to reach out the targeted goal. Each visitor can have an equal number of opportunities. And these opportunities generate the qualified leads.
So if you want to run smoothly in a blog journey or create a customer based website, at first you will have to know the accurate measurement of traffic. This statistical data will drive the customer acquisition channel in future.

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