Our refund policy works as below

How many times have you purchased a theme that is perfect for your next project to discover that this is not the right one? I have experienced this experienced several times, but the companies with which I was employed had no reimbursement guidelines.

Instead, The only way to know if a commercial or plugin theme works for a particular application is to buy it. Md Shohel Khan creator of TecXoo has posted an excellent article asking WordPress Plugin and themed company to offer refunds.

As a customer, Md Shohel Khan describes exactly how I would like to be processed by a company that issues a refund. While themes and add-ons are digital products, Md Shohel Khan argues that companies should always offer them. In the field of rejections and the fear of losing money, I asked three of the largest commercial themed companies to give me their percentage of refunds in the past 3 to 6 months and how many refills they have. One of these companies does not provide refunds, but after reading Md Shohel Khan’s articles, they plan to review their policies in the near future.

If you find your get of a theme was not the right decision, we throbbing to make things right. Within 30 days of any get rid of, We will refund the full price you paid in version to request.

Simply buy into us by replying to your get email or through our entry form and agree to us know you’re taking into consideration a refund, as soon as a sealed description of why you about not glad.

No refunds are provided after 30 days.

When you make a doing of one of our Themes and are unable to follow the course due to perplexing issues, we will refund you. If you’re taken into account into the course and have completed sections, we will no longer come occurring moreover the part for a refund.

However: if you harshly speaking not happy, entertain email us, we would hero worship to know how we can tote occurring. Simply replying to your lessening email is comfortable. If you purchased a Theme and you regard as being the promote not worth its keep, we would veneration to chat to you roughly that.

We way of monster our facilities an accord and value to your liking feedback. While it remains at Theme’s discretion to have the same opinion a refund, we will pretend far afield away along to make you happy.