Best WordPress Blog Themes For Bloggers

Are you looking for the Best Free Responsive WordPress Blog Themes For Bloggers? There are many reasons why you would want to start a blog of your own. Maybe you want to bring greater attention to a certain issue, maybe you want to form a community, maybe you just want to share your experiences with the world.

Blogging has become so popular that it is even possible to make a living off it or boost your website’s traffic. The following are excellent options for a general blog, but can easily be repurposed to suit your needs.

XooBlog Wordpress Theme

XooBlog Theme

XooBlog Theme is the latest free theme designed with the Gutenberg concept. It’s a clean and minimal theme that will perfectly showcase your content to the viewer. Moreover your blog can be visible to any device, even on tablet, mobile & retina display because of its modern responsive design.

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Best Blog Themes in WordPress

You've finally decided to start a blog journey but worry about themes. There are lots of blog themes in the market. It is very hard to find a suitable theme for blogging sites in a very short time. So, We’ve collected a list of the best WordPress blog themes that suite for your blog.

Why need a good theme? It’s the common question that we always face. Finding the best free WordPress blog theme can be quite tough. Because you need to fulfill a lot of blogging success features like light weight, SEO-friendly and others stuff.

That’s why we’ve selected a few hand picked blog Themes based on more essential things to rank on search engines.

How do you choose a theme for your blog?

WordPress is the best platform to create a user-friendly blog. This awesome CMS (Content Management System) provides freedom, flexibility, and control.

There are several free WordPress themes that can be used for your blog. In the beginning, choosing the best theme can seem overwhelming. Following our guidelines, you will be able to make purchase decisions.

  1. Mobile Design
  2. Easy to Operate
  3. Compatible with WordPress Update
  4. Readability

Mobile Design:

Trends are changing over time. It’s a very important sign to make your blog for readers who visit on a mobile device.

Maximum search engines, even Google has openly published that mobile responsiveness is one of the vital Ranking factors.

When your audience visits your site on their mobile phone, you can minimize bounce rate by designing an attractive UI for a small screen phone.

Because your website’s design may not show the same as on larger devices like desktop or laptop devices.

Easy to Operate:

Bloggers don’t need to be tech shavy to operate a website. User Friendly customization is one of the best factors to choose the right themes.

Searching Theme

When your blog opens more options to operate easily, the more opportunities you can create on your site. On the other hand, there are a lot of WordPress themes that look really great but few options to change according to your needs. That can actually make incredibly slow not only you but your blog.

Compatible with WordPress Update

WordPress is updating their internal algorithm to make your blog more secure. Sometimes website owners face crazy things, when a new update is available.

If developers actually are careless with WordPress updates, theme code can conflict with WordPress to run properly. As a result, your business suffers for these types of errors.

For this reason, we highly recommend checking wordpress update compatibility before buying a blog theme.


Your targeted visitor will view your website to consume your article, isn’t it? To serve your customer, you should take a step for selecting fonts that are consistent and easy on the eyes.

Statistics show that one or two fonts are better to view properly without any effect on eyes.

More fonts means it’s hard to read your article. So check readability is another important consideration.

Why should we care for the best theme?

If you’re bootstrapping your new website, your first step will be to select a premium theme to grow income. When you have necessary tools to hunt something, you can touch your mission easily.

Blogging is something like an adventure journey, where you will face a lot of new things to defeat competitors.

 Five (5) reasons why you should care for the best theme.

  1. Brand Value: 

A well organized theme helps to increase brand value. Structurally sound themes gain more trust with minimal effort on your part.

2. Minimize Bounce Rate: 

When you choose a purposefully designed wordpress theme, visitors care about your business. More care from customers, more business will appear. The best theme can minimize your bounce rate.

3. Security: 

Web security is an important term that is now facing more bloggers. A well organized theme is built with exceptional coding to secure a blog.

4. Search Friendly:

As a professional blogger you should care about search engines. Your customers are awaiting to hunt your product. If they don’t find the blog lack of features like search friendly, business will drive slow.

5. Adsense Friendly Theme: 

Adsense is a legit way to generate blog revenue. Ad placement of Adsense is too critical to new bloggers. There are a lot of wordpress themes in the marketplace, who have poor adsense ad placement functionality. That is why you should care about this.

Features of theme that love google

Google or other popular search engine algorithms work for visitors satisfaction. Maximum search engine machine scrap internal coding. That’s why we should check a few yardsticks to select wordpress themes.


To increase your website speed score, a super lightweight theme is must. Lightweight themes can have a big effect on your site’s performance. For this reason, it’s not something that you can ignore

Fast loading: 

Fast loading is another important feature that you should care about. If your blog isn’t able to show your page within a maximum 2 seconds, visitors will click the back button.

Besides, search engines love fast loading sites.

Responsive & Retina Ready: 

Number of mobile traffic is growing rapidly. About 50% of traffic comes from small screen devices. Responsive design is an essential for blogs to adapt automatically based on viewers phone or laptop devices.

GDPR Compliance: 

To run a blog smoothly, you should honor visitors’ privacy. GDPR is a regulation to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

More Customizable Options: 

Look for something that you can shape your dreamt design without requiring any coding knowledge. Customizing option is a core WordPress feature.

You will be able to customize various options on your blog, if the theme supports a user-friendly interface to edit design and other things.

What are the most exciting and useful features of WordPress theme?

WordPress CMS comes with some different types of features. They are updating it regularly. Here are some lists that are totally awesome for your blog business.

  1. Preview Themes Without Activating: You will be able to preview your theme without activating them. This is a super exceptional option for bloggers.
  2. Move or Delete Dashboard Widgets: In wordpress dashboard, widgets helps to create extra layers on your page or post.
  3. Edit Images: When something goes wrong with images, image editing option can be the perfect addition in wordpress.
  4. Embed Multimedia: If you paste any video or image link, wordpress will automatically show video or images by embedded multimedia option.
  5. Visual Editor: You’re lucky to choose wordpress for editing blog design with visual editor. Visual editors will open a massive option to create lucrative user interfaces.

Can I use wordpress blog themes for my lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blog or fashion related blog is a great way to get familiar with blogging. Thanks to WordPress to make it easy! Anyone can create a lifestyle blog and sell their own or affiliate product. So if you want to create a blog something like that, all of our guidelines will work also.

What will be the theme features, if I want to create personal blog?

Personal blog theme is similar topic of lifestyle or portfolio blog. So if you want to find personal blog theme, all of above features are must.

Final Verdict

You’re selecting the best blog theme now for the next venture that matches your aesthetic. There is no shortage of ways to find WordPress themes. We’ve tried to discuss special factors or considerations of the perfect theme that you should bear in mind.