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Email marketing is one of the best strategies to keep your blog top-of-mind. Email can nurture leads and improve user onboarding. Marketing experts suggest starting email marketing to grow to upsell on eCommerce customers or another type of business. Because email has a far more direct effect on traffic. If you can combine email marketing with proven SEO techniques, your online presence will touch the success point shortly.

So you need a valid that is worth in marketing campaign. Right? Want to take a deep-dive into email marketing? In this post, we’re going to explain a to z about the email validation process and the basic concept of email marketing for business.

What is valid email address?

As a blogger, you collect email addresses on a regular basis, but It’s too important to get a valid email address. A valid email is money in online business. If you want to make money online in a passive way, collecting a valid email is a must option.

We’re not just talking about the syntax of the email addresses. An email address can have correctly formatted but you’re not sure that email is valid.

Proven Email List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast

What platform lets you launch something and drive sales immediately? Yes. It’s email marketing that is one of the fastest ways to drive sales of any online business portal, blog, store, or other channels.

Email Automation with Autoresponder

To engage with your email subscriber, Autoresponders helps to set to go out automatically in a specific sequence on a regular basis. This sequence is one after one mail. They react to contacts subscribing, or being added to your list by import or manually.

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Understanding the importance of email marketing

In the 1970s, Ray Tomlison sent the email for the first time., and since then, we’ve been sending so many different types of email. Now there will be approximately 3 billion email users worldwide by 2020.

If you have a company of 1 or 5,000 customers, your email marketing strategy needs to be clearly defined. It will help you reach your goals. This strategy can change your revenue cycle. It’s more effective than increasing seo score.

How does email and the inbound methodology intersect?

The inbound methodology is made up of the four stages of inbound.

These four stages are:

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight

1. Attract

The first stage is to attract. You will have to attract them at first and then turn them into visitors. Technology continues upgrading day by day. To develop more and more mediums for your blog or website to use attract and convert them into visitors.

2. Convert

Convert is the second stage. You’ve already attracted your visitors. Now it’s time to convert them into leads by collecting their necessary information.

3. Close

In our world today, trust is more important than any other thing. If you want to create your business as a trustworthy brand, you should develop word of mouth process. Your actual customers are the ones who will not only buy your products but share their experiences with others. This way you will be too close to your customer.

4. Delight

Delight is the last part of inbound methodology. In delight stage is where you can turn your converted customers into your best marketers.

Delight Stage

Build an effective email marketing strategy

If you want to build an effective email marketing strategy that adds more value to your business, you will be needed three important pillars to your email marketing tool belt.

  1. The significance of segmentation
  2. The power of personalization
  3. The impact of data-driven analysis

1. The Significance of Segmentation

When you will send the right person the right message at the perfect time, it is called email segmentation. More interesting things that 77% of email marketing ROI came from segmented.


Lifecycle of segmentation:

  • Subscribers
  • Leads
  • Customers

2. The power of personalization

Personalization is another important part to build an effective email marketing strategy. You will be needed a highly personalized conversation with your customer.

Personalization is not only adding the first name of the recipient to your email but create a contextualized and individual experience.

New machine learning and data science-based features and platforms will give email marketers the ability to harness their content and data to prophesize relevant information to mass audiences in a personal way.

Trendline Interactive

3. The impact of data-driven analysis

Data-driven analysis is one of the most important pillars. Website visitors or your customer’s behavior, lifestyle, and work are changing consistently. Data insight helps you evolve with them something like competitor’s backlink analysis to outrank on Google.

Data-driven analysis follow few three basic framework:

  • Track the metrics that matter.
  • Learn what those metrics indicate about success.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to optimize and improve.

Create a Contact Management Strategy

A famous quote from Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero reminds us of the importance of creating the contact management strategy in email marketing. He said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” The same things in your blog when you build email marketing to grow your website traffic building email contact. The process to check website traffic is easy but not easy to create a strategy to get the email list from the visitor.

What is contact management?

Every email marketing automation software like GetResponse has a program to store customer information including names, contact history, and email.

Contact management automation software adds necessary data for lead and pipeline management.

Essential Components of content management strategy

A well organized email automation software has four essential components to create an effective content management strategy. Here are the list:

  1. Contacts
  2. Database Management
  3. Lead Nurturing
  4. Conversion
1. Contacts

Contact is the first component that is very important. Based on your blog or business operations, you will get a lot of data to wade through. An organized CRM software can decorate the contact information throughout your sales and marketing campaign efforts. They will also allow the analysis of your stored data.

Use your database according to this strategy:

  • See the whole picture of every contact.
  • Segment your contacts.
  • Remove and organize contacts.
  • Integrate with every other tool you use.
Context and Content

To send a more engaging message to your customer you must divide your contacts into smaller groups according to the similarities.

2. Database Management

Database management is another important process to clean email and contact information data and keep it updated on a regular basis. You need to maintain your contact information and deleting invalid leads.

Based on email marketing expert research, the contact database naturally decays every year by 22.5%. That’s why a contact database is the foundation of the email marketing process.

Many CRM software provide the essential knowledgebase resources for that process. They offer user-friendly dashboard, straightforward, easily maintained your database for accessing the contact data. GetResponse is the number one CRM to do these process easily.

3. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an important component that plays a vital role in a successful contact management strategy.

This process will ensure you learn to your targeted customer according to their needs. The lead nurturing process also helps you to adapt to the interest of customers through sales and marketing efforts.

Important factors of lead nurturing

Inbound marketing experts find an awesome method to nurture your leads. This method’s name is C.A.T.S. That means Content, Audience, Time & Success.

  • The right content
  • To the right audience
  • At the right time
  • Equals success
Lead nurturing

Research shows that if you nurture your leads and properly Segment campaigns, you will receive fewer unsubscribes by 9.37%. That’s is fantastic for successful inbound marketing campaigns.

4. Conversion

Conversion is the last strategy that is considered as an endgame process for any contact management strategy. Any sales and marketing effort in general is a conversion.

If you set up properly leveraging your contact management system and improve them continuously, you will get a handsome conversion from your campaign. It can be better than submitting Q and A sites to grow your traffic.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

Send The Right Email

If you send the right email, you will get better-converting leads. This type of lead covert very well. Because you are sending the most contextual message that allows you to deliver to the right customer at the time.

Why is it important to send the right email?

It’s not always easy to send the right email to the right person in every time you send. Because all of your customer and leads isn’t the same type. Few customer will be ready to buy your products and others will still look around.

Two things you should care about to send the right email:

  1. Why you’re sending the email
  2. The value you’re delivering to the person

With these two as your foundation you are setting the right expectations. You can pair that criteria that will provide the most value.

How do you send the right email?

In your inbound marketing strategy, always focus on adding value at every stage of your customer’s buying journey. Your email marketing can have the most impact if you are able to send the right email to the right person.

key components of sending email:

There are three component to send the right email.

  1. The right email: The first component is creating the right email. This right email is an important piece of the framework because it comes down to the content that you’re sending. It’s the process to send the right email and delivering the right contextual message. That message for your customers who are reading it.
  2. The right person: Now you will have to care for the right person to send your right email through segmentation. This segmentation will be the act of dividing your contacts into smaller groups according to the similarities. This segmentation process will help you tailor your message to be more relevant. And also it will be engaging to the website audience receiving the email.
  3. The right time: Sending the right email at the right time is important to get better conversion. For most of our lives, we know that “Timing is everything.” And it’s also true when it comes to email! Timing will power your emails. You can send the right email to the right person. But if the person’s time doesn’t match, it won’t be as impactful. It’s essential to take into consideration where your contacts are in the buyer’s journey during sending the email.

Best practices for sending the right email

If you want to find keywords that will rank on search engines, you need to take some strategy to get these. Sending the right email is something like that. It’s essential to follow few basic steps to send the right email.

sending the right email

Here are three best practices:

  1. Setting expectations
  2. Creating email layout
  3. Using personalization
1. Setting expectations

Your expectations are so important to send the right email. You need to think about setting the right expectations before sending the email. This means you should think critically about your audience who will be receiving your emails. Will they expect to hear from you?

For example, when someone signs up for your blog. What should you include in that initial email to communicate with them?

This email message can be as simple as at the beginning of that email:

thank you email

Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I am thrilled to have you here! You will be receiving updates from me on how to send better emails on a monthly basis, but if you’re looking to update your email preferences, you can do so anytime here.

If your business audience is not expecting to hear from you, do you really have permission to send it to them? Think about this core issue of inbound marketing: being human and helpful.

2. Creating email layout

Create the email layout is the second-best tactical practice. This doesn’t mean just the design but the decisions you make on your subject line, email address, and preview text.

For example, try not to use a generic email address like [email protected]. Instead of this generic one, you can send it from a more personal email address. It will be more recognized in your recipients’ inboxes. Email is a communication channel, not a one-way communication mechanism.

You can use a model called AIDA which is useful to organize your email layout. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

3. Using personalization

Personalization is the last tactical best practice. Email personalization should be a part of everything you do. Who doesn’t want more personalization? Just because your email may be going to 200, 500, or even thousands of contacts.

Creating a personalized email for your customer means serving up the information they want with the context. Think about the journey and lifecycle stages of your buyers. Will the information provide value to them at this point?

A Behavioral Email Strategy

You send an email two of your customer. Suppose first customer name is David and second customer name is John. You have categorized as the same personas and lifecycle stages. They both receive your marketing email. But when they react, it can be different. David can opens your mail; John can’t same as David.


It comes down to their email behaviors. David might want to engage with every email you send him, but John, on the other hand, might be interested to open mail once per month.

What Is Behavioral Email?

Behavioral email is the practice of sending automated, targeted emails to your audience contacts according to the historical interactions which they have had communication with your company across your inbound marketing campaign.

According to predictions of Alex Williams, Creative Director at Trendline Interactive:

“In 2018, I predict email personalization will start shifting heavily towards ‘what’s next’ instead of ‘what was.’ New machine learning and data science-based features and platforms will give email marketers the ability to harness their content and data to prophesize relevant information to mass audiences in a personal way.”

How Can You Get Started With Behavioral Email?

If you want to get started with the behavioral email, you need to use these three framework consideration.

  1. Track the interactions your contacts take.
  2. Determine the actions a contact might take.
  3. Use send time personalization.
1. Make the content shareable

The first step in sending a behavioral email is to look at the interactions. You will have to always think of a different way to communicate with your contacts every day (maybe each hour).

You can send behavioral email using these properties:

  • Website activity
  • Email engagement
  • Social media activity
  • Form submissions
  • Conversion information
  • Data from other integrated software
2. Determine the actions a contact might take.

When you are enough aware of some basic background information on your contacts, you can move on to the action step. This is the second step of behavioral email.

behavioral email impacts

Behavioral email strategy is are effective. Because these data are being organized according to what the user did and thus the email they receive is expected.

3. Use send time personalization

How can you increase the attention to your email subscriber? How your contacts want to interact with email?

Send time personalization is one kind of data that you have on each of your contacts. You need to schedule your subscriber email to send at the right time. If you are able to identify your audience engagement time, you will get more conversion from your inbound marketing campaign.

Now you’ve got an idea to create a successful email campaign for your next project. But what’s the important information to know after that?

Yes! Valid email is the right answer!

But why?

Read our next section to know about this.

Statista revealed research about the email strategy. According to their research, “about 269 billion emails are sent each day globally, with just over 3.8 billion email users worldwide. This figure is projected to reach 4.3 billion by the year 2022 according to”.

No of email user

Email validation – did you know..?

According to Convince and Convert, a customer who buys products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers. Also, in a recent Loqate consumer survey, about 70% of global customers check their email more than once a day. That’s very awesome news. Isn’t it?

Why email data quality is vital?

Marketing Week shows a data inshight that about 60% of consumers intentionally provide incorrect information when submitting their personal details online, and a further 10% of email addresses entered into checkouts, sign-up forms, and internal systems are invalid.

These are important reasons:

  • Eliminate hard bounces
  • Reduces Spam Complaints
  • Blacklists
How to keep your email address data clean

If you want to clean your email address data, you can implement these methods:

  1. Data quality is your number one rule: Clean your email address lists regularly using an email validation tool like Tecxoo email validation. You will get it at the top of this page.
  2. Review your database regularly: Always review and remove unengaged subscribers from your subscriber list. An uninterested email list can create problems when you will create any marketing Campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ How can I check bulk mail?

Simply enter your email in the box. You will be able to check your multiple emails at a time. For checking your bulk email see at the top of this page. Tecxoo email validation tools will provide you multiple emails checking facilities.

✅ What are role email addresses?

Role email is some type of email address that typically define a responsibility rather than a person. These role email addresses are unlikely to give their consent to receive marketing emails. It has few subcategories like “Broadcast” addresses: Emails to these addresses go to many people at once.

✅ How do you clean email addresses?

If you want to clean your email address data, you will have to use some method. Firstly you can clean your email address using an email validation tool like Tecxoo email validation. And in the second step, review and remove unengaged subscribers from your subscriber list.