Word Counter: Does It Really Matter for SEO?

A word count is a numerical count of the number of words in your post or any other document, file, or string of text.

Word counter

Word count is nothing more than the length of a piece. The count is important in a novel, a story, a blog post, a magazine article, or a sales letter. The type of work matters because its word count is affected by it. For example, a novel will always be longer (80,000 words) than a magazine article (usually 1000 words).

Why is word count important?

Word count is important because it helps you select your readers.

Since Google’s John Mueller has clarified that word count isn’t a ranking factor, the best rule to follow about story length is to write until you’re done, no more, no less. Don’t aim for a particular number, or when writing on Medium, a particular number of minutes. Just make sure you cover your topic fully, whether that takes 500 words of 5000.

Many articles or blog post writers continue to believe that the performance of an article is largely determined by word count.

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