Key Benefits Of Seo Audit | Every Blogger Should Know

Key Benefits Of Seo Audit | Every Blogger Should Know


SEO is a vital cog in our online marketing, even search engine marketing. It’s an open secret to marketers that google loves healthy and seo optimized websites.  To improve search presence in Google or other major search engines, bloggers have to follow several tactics. That’s why an SEO audit can change your ranking game and get more traffic to generate leads.  

SEO audit is something like clean dust from your room. If you clean dust regularly, your room will be a very healthy environment and extend the life of the room. On-page and off-page seo are the technical infrastructure of your site. You should apply these elements to touch the long term goal of your business. 

What is an SEO Audit? 

An SEO audit is the procedure and analyze the website performance. It’s the step by step implementation process to identify the functional issues.

When our website suffers a lot of technical issues, organic traffic decreases day by day. Each and every online business owner should take an actionable seo audit plan to increase search visibility to Google.

What are the elements of SEO audit?

SEO involves several elements that you need to get right. Here are the important parts to implement a holistic and effective marketing strategy.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Backlinks or Off-page SEO

1. On-page SEO:

On-page is the activity of individual pages or posts to optimize according to the guidelines of search engines. An on-page optimize content or pages can change your traffic game.

Important Elements of On page SEO:

  • Unique Content: Google’s aim to provide their the best information matching the users search intent. Unique content can improve the SERP position. Search engine crawlers are technical sound to identify the duplicate content of your pages.
  • Page Title: The page title represents to Google about the search query of specific keywords. SEO experts suggest to put keywords on the title. So that search engine can find the relevant pages in specific words.
  • Meta Description: Meta description is something like the summarise the content of your page. Optimized meta description helps the search engine to get exact info of each page.
  • Natural URL: Visitor hat the ugly url. Though search engines haven’t any specific instructions about the url. But research shows that natural urls increase more trusto to the visitor.
  • SEO-friendly Design: SEO-friendly design is another important part of on-page seo. Who loves destroyed design? Obviously not for everyone. Audiences always check professional looking content. Google also recommends the UI design of pages.

2. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO creates a solid foundation of a website and its individual pages. Search bot index easily to your pages, if all of the pages have technical seo optimized. Here are the import parts of technical SEO.

  • HTTPS: Google has declared that HTTPS is a ranking factor. When bloggers migrate their website HTTP to HTTPS, there are still few internal links pointed to the HTTP pages. You will have to have an HTTPS version of your website.
  • Duplicate Version of Your Site: Sometimes google can index several versions of a website. Such as:,,, . All of these are different versions of the site and it should point to a single version of the domain.
  • Fix Crawl Error: When Google crawler can’t find the pages to index, it shows an error. Resolve this error to find and index your link smoothly.
  • Site Speed: Visitors don’t wait to check your pages. If your pages are too slow to show, you will lose visitors. Check site speed and decrease bounce rate.
  • Find Broken link: Broken link is another important technical seo element and also a signal of poor UI of pages. You should identify and fix broken links.

Important Reason why a website needs SEO audit

To develop a strong marketing strategy, website seo audit is the first step of implementation. If you perform the SEO audit regularly, your site will be so healthy. Here are the benefits of SEO Audit.

Organic Search Visibility:

When you will get a lot of traffic from search engines, your website will be a money making generator. Marketers are always be hungry for Google ranking to boost organic visibility. SEO audit can identify the issue to do that.

Improve Conversion Rates:

Conversion rate is an important yardstick for any kind of business. Performing seo audits, we can set up an ROI based marketing plan.

Identify Potential Revenue Source:

You can discover a lot of potential keywords to grow your site. You can reach out to your targeted influence and potential affiliates to raise the profile of your brand.

Find Competitors Strength:

Are you finding great ways to beat your competitors in Google? SEO audit will be the answer. You will find a lot opportunity to defeat them. SEO analysis is certainly worth doing the process.

Understand the traffic generating keywords:

If any keyword doesn’t generate expectable traffic, site performance drives slow. SEO analysis can identify you which keywords are bringing traffic. And you will also understand the keywords that convert more leads.

Better SEO:

Google changes more than 500+ algorithms to rank a page. And it’s a continuous process. Better SEO leads to offer the best user experience for your website visitor. When you will implement the audit, your site will be more search engine friendly.

Find out the ranking keywords:

It’s important to know for a blogger which keywords we are actually ranking for. You can optimize your webpages based on ranking keywords and less focused keywords.

Identify the traffic trends:

Traffic trends is one of the best immediate insights to grow the ultimate visitor. Through website audit, you can track and geo targeted traffic.

Final Thoughts:

It’s always a great idea to do website audit on your website at least four times in a year. Search Engines are improving their crawler and creating more algorithms to rank on the first page.

To get more organic traffic, search engine ranking should be the only and one goal that can reach your expectation. So perform a better SEO audit and generate organic traffic from Google. Money will follow then.

Muhammad Alauddin

Alauddin is SEO Team Lead at Tecxoo. Addicted to SEO & search ranking fanatic. He's a creative and performance-driven marketing professional focused on work with SEO and digital advertising. He loves to research

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