75+ Best Social Bookmarking sites list (Improve the Rank and traffic)

75+ Best Social Bookmarking sites list (Improve the Rank and traffic)


While you want to be an SEO expert, you need to know the importance of social bookmarking to the rank website(s) in any search engine. To bring more traffic on your website, social bookmarking or off-Page SEO techniques allow you to generate the quality traffic on your website.

This article might be helpful for the SEO beginners who want to be an SEO expert in the future.


The concept of an online shared bookmark introduced in April 1996 which included private and public bookmarks. Now we are calling it social bookmarking.

Have you heard the name of Delicious? Yes, Delicious which was founded in 2003 that popularized the social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is not like file sharing, it does not store the resources themselves, only bookmarks that reference them. Social bookmarking is one of the most effective SEO techniques to enhance the ranking of the website.

Tagging is a major article of social bookmarking systems, allowing users to unite their bookmarks and improve shared vocabularies well-known as folksonomies. Social bookmarking works like a backlink.

Social bookmarking websites give you the opportunity to generate high-quality traffic on your website. Using these social bookmarking websites, internet users share their web pages, blog posts, articles, images, and videos.

You’ll get plenty of advantages to submitting your content into social bookmarking sites as this site(s) helps to increase your brand awareness.

Today, I will tell something about social bookmarking how it works, why people use it what is the advantage and disadvantage of this social bookmarking.

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Firstly, we need to know what is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is an online service that permits users to enlarge, explain, edit, and share bookmarks of their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and web content.

The more people add with this content the content more gets focus to the users on the internet. Most of SEO and web bloggers try to give more focus on this social bookmarking.

What Is Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are a way for the user to find, generate, or discover of using the word bookmarks. Social media also has a great impact on social bookmarking to enhance digital marketing for bloggers and SEO.

About creating a good-quality search engine, a social bookmarking system has many advantages over traditional computerized source location and classification software.

Twitter is the most popular social bookmarking site ever. I will like to tell some social bookmarking sites like twitter which are important in SEO. Social bookmarking sites also help you to make a quality backlinks.

Why use social bookmarking websites are So Important?

The use of social bookmarking is a crying need for the internet user and the blogger who likes to promote their blog post and websites. If anyone wants to search in the search engine it is very much necessary to ensure the existence of the searching items.

By social bookmarking, anyone can find their expected things if it is allowed on the internet. All the aids display you the significance of social bookmarking sites to make popular your site or blog post everywhere on the internet.

As we know that social bookmarking is an off-page SEO activity, so anyone can execute it by the proper guidance.

10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Here the list of top 10 most popular social bookmarking websites.

  1. Twitter
  2. Digg
  3. Pinterest
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Scoop.it
  6. Dribble
  7. Facebook
  8. Slashdot
  9. Reddit
  10. Quora

Here short description of the list of top 10 most popular social bookmarking websites.

1. Twitter

Twitter is an American blogging and social networking service. It is so important and ranked very well in the social bookmarking list. It was established in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and it started working in July.

The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity. In 2019, more than 340 million users posted 1 billion tweets a day.

Most people use it to post content, links, and images that they find exciting and praiseworthy of a comeback in the future.

Tweets are publicly visible by default, but senders can limit message delivery to only their followers. Users can tweet via Twitter, a friendly application of Twitter available for the smartphone. Users may subscribe to other users.

Tweets are known as following and subscribers are known as followers. The contribution of Twitter is a lot for social bookmarking and the internet user.

2. Digg

Digg was started it`s a journey on 31st July 2012. Dig gradually changing in past years. It previously had been a popular social news website, allowing people to vote web content up or down, called digging and concealing almost like Reddit.

Digg can be a great website to find new content and establish it through your profile. Day by day you can be addicted to Digg. It is a great place for social bookmarking.  It has a great collection of content where you can hide.

3. Pinterest

Among the most popular social bookmarking sites Pinterest is one of them. Pinterest is also an American image sharing and social servicing site. It has started it`s beginning in December 2009. Pinterest`s headquarter is located in San Francisco.

It has almost 300 million active members per month and most of them are adult women of the USA. If you are interested to use Pinterest, you have to register there. Pinterest allows it`s users to transfer information.

Pinterest is currently accessible through the web browser and its application for personal computers and smartphone application platforms like Android and iOS.

4. LinkedIn

Linkedin operates by its website and mobile application. It is used from 2003 for professional networking sites where employers posting jobs and jobseekers drop their cv. Linkedin has an almost worldwide subscriber minimum of 700+ million.

Most of them are registered. Linkedin members can invite anyone to join Linkedin. Gradually it is expanding rapidly due to the pandemic situation. You can find Linkedin in social bookmarking.

5. Scoop.it

Scoop.it was launched in 2007. Firstly, it was designed as Goojet, a platform for mobile phones. This site has almost 75 million subscribed members. If you are going to use the social bookmarking site you can`t ignore scoop.it.

It launched its current content curation service in reserved beta at the end of 2010. Scoop.it website enables its users to learn content on their subjects of interest that they can curate and broadcast to their web page and share to their social networks.

6. Dribble

Among all the social bookmarking sites Dribble is an excellent and beautiful bookmarking site marked by designers. Not only is this a great place for motivation, but it’s also a great place for the designers to share and promote their work online.

Dribble is a place to get traffic to your site if you’re a designer or have a design team. A nice knowledge for gaining some power would be to boost your design team to get involved. If they have some interruption, see if they’ll put something exceptional and interesting together to visit Dribble.

It is a perfect way to display your team.If you like to discover with graphic and visual design, or you have someone on your team that likes to do, Dribble is a great place to get some SEO backlink feat.

7. Facebook

There is nobody who doesn`t hear the name of Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world nowadays.

Facebook is commonplace for social bookmarking and SEO backlink to attract users. Facebook was founded almost 16 years ago. Mark Zuckerberg created it for his students but it has become global social networking sites.

It has declared that It has almost 1 billion active users per month. Facebook has also stated that it contains almost 2 million advertisements per day and it gains more profit from them. Most of them are small businesses.

Facebook also offers users to their other applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook Watch, and Oculus. Facebook is considered a big five technology companies along with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

8. Slashdot

Slashdot is a social news website. The domain authority rating of 94 on Slashdot, this social bookmarking website has become an effective and reliable answer that can easily fulfill your need with comfort.

One can share articles, links, videos, and other data that can help in obtaining more traffic easily here in Slashdot. There are thousands of people using these sites due to higher effectiveness and comfort of use.

You can start now by creating an account and listing your favorite website. Each story has a comments section involved in it where users can add online comments of their opinion.

Slashdot’s editors are mostly responsible for choosing and editing the primary stories that are posted daily by submitters.

The editors provide a one-part summary for each story and a connection to an external website where the story created. Each story becomes the topic for an eased discussion among the slashdot’s users.

9. Reddit

Have you heard the name of Reddit? Have any questions on your mind? What kind of content can you get here? What is the relation between Reddit and Social bookmarking? I am going to solve all these questions.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating like voting, and discussion website. One can create the topic on Reddit.com and share any kind of content here from stories to relations and images also.

This site is stopped with gaming discussion but now, people have started gossiping about other topics also, and it is accomplished by providing great traffic.

If you have a website with technical content, then this social bookmarking platform is surely cooperative in it. One can depend on this platform without any question and try it out.

According to May 2020, Reddit ranks as the 19th-most visited website in the world. Most of them are from the U.S.A.

The most popular posts from the Reddit’s frequent subreddits are visible on the front page to those who browse the site without an account. The most interesting part is, there is no need for an email to register in Reddit.

10. Quora

Quora is an international question and answer websites, where users can ask, answer, and edit any kind of answer online. If you are queering any questions, type on the internet you will find something in Quora.

For social bookmarking Quora is a common website for questions and answers. Quora was launched in June 2009. In 2019, the website was visited by 300 million unique users a month.

There are multiple languages available in this site like English, Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, Danish, French, Spanish, Finnish, German, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and many more. It is greatly beneficial for the user of having multiple languages.

There are a large number of a registered user in Quora. More than 350 million users of quora who are registered. Quora users have some bad news too.

Quora announced that more than 100 million users‘ accounts were affected by the data breach. The hacked information included users’ names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter if people

were chosen to link them to their Quora accounts. Despite these drawbacks, Quora holds a great role in social bookmarking.

Dofollow social bookmarking sitesthat you need to be on

You can bring more traffic on your site, it allows you to generate the quality traffic on your site. So bookmark benefits in the ranking.

Most SEO experts know the importance of the link building to rank your site in google and other search engines.

Sometime before it was very difficult to know the difference between social your site on the best bookmarking site, also if the social bookmarking site is niche relevant then you can get bookmarking sites and browser bookmarks. But now everything is cleared about on social bookmarking.

Dofollow social bookmarking sites can also play a very important role in developing the search engine position of your site and your blog posts.

The high page ranks of dofollow social bookmarking sites can help you to enhance the rank of your website.

When I joined the SEO, I also confused about that. We can easily bookmark the great website on the browser by bookmarking technique, but bookmarking the good sites on your browser and share with your friend it’s not sufficient thing.

On the other hand, we are talking about the social bookmarking sites that differ from the browser bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites allow us to browse newly added items that belong from different classes like shopping, technology, politics, blogging, entertainment, news, sports.

There is enough information available on free social bookmarking sites that can be easily tagged with your friends.

Social bookmarking is a nice SEO technique to improve brand awareness, that you can share your newly published post, blogs, and tagged with your friends.

The List of Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites in June 2020 in the World

  1. https://dzone.com/
  2. https://pinterest.com/
  3. https://tumblr.com/
  4. https://www.stumbleupon.com/
  5. https://www.reddit.com/
  6. https://login.metafilter.com/
  7. http://www.pearltrees.com/
  8. https://www.scoop.it/
  9. http://digg.com/
  10. http://www.bizsugar.com
  11. http://www.jodohkita.info/
  12. https://www.plurk.com/
  13. http://www.socialbookmarkssite.com/
  14. https://www.diigo.com/
  15. https://www.instapaper.com/
  16. https://www.scoop.it/
  17. https://kinja.com/
  18. http://www.bookmark4you.com/
  19. http://bookmarkingbase.com/
  20. http://www.bookmarkifys.com/
  21. https://tutpub.com/
  22. https://seo-hubs.com/
  23. http://www.ewebmarks.com/
  24. http://www.bookmarkdiary.com/
  25. http://www.bookmarkwiki.com/
  26. https://www.seositespro.com/
  27. https://www.aileensoul.com/
  28. http://www.designfloat.com/
  29. http://www.startaid.com/
  30. https://netvouz.com/
  31. https://bidinc.org/
  32. http://www.fearsteve.com/
  33. http://www.boostkeyword.com/
  34. http://sfcsf.org/
  35. http://addthismark.com/
  36. https://www.activebookmarks.com/
  37. http://wirefan.com/
  38. http://coolpot.com/
  39. https://www.bookmarkbay.com/
  40. http://atlasassistans.net/
  41. https://www.a2zbookmarks.com/
  42. https://www.bookmarkmaps.com/
  43. https://www.bookmarks2u.com/
  44. https://seomast.com/
  45. https://backlinksplanet.com/
  46. https://www.bookmarkdeal.com/
  47. https://www.votetags.com/
  48. https://www.bookmarkfeeds.com/
  49. https://www.bookmarks2u.com/
  50. https://www.socialbookmarknow.info/
  51. https://www.bookmarkgroups.com/
  52. https://www.bookmarkinghost.info/
  53. https://www.bookmarktalk.info/
  54. http://ttlink.com/
  55. http://www.ridents.com/
  56. http://www.vapidpro.com/
  57. http://www.mykith.com/
  58. http://www.ferventing.com/
  59. http://www.kenplanet.com/
  60. http://www.linksbeat.com/
  61. https://diigo.com/
  62. https://www.bibsonomy.org/
  63. https://dzone.com/
  64. http://www.startaid.com/
  65. http://todays1051.net/
  66. https://linkgeanie.com/
  67. http://url.org/
  68. https://www.metafilter.com/
  69. http://seobookmarking.club/
  70. http://bookmarking.info/
  71. http://seokhazanatools.com
  72. http://www.youbookmark.online/
  73. https://www.backlinkusa.com/

The SEO Benefits of Social bookmarking

For many SEO experts, Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular ways to gather lots of traffic to their website. However, over the years, this method has lost the influence it used to have.

Nevertheless, web pages that are bookmarked at social bookmarking sites are still measured as quality backlinks in the eyes of search engines. And thus, if you used wisely, one can still make the most out of this technique.

Social Bookmarking is easy & operative and helps you to not only expand your site’s traffic but also provides you with the chance to make your content go viral and helps you to obtain quality backlinks from specialist sites.

The most important thing for the SEO that social bookmarking creates more brand awareness not only this but also to promote their content to make it viral.

It is also beneficial for SEO to generate high-quality backlinks to their sites. Social bookmarking also creates the opportunity to raise the page rank.

How to start social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is all about saving, discovering, or sharing content online. It’s like a massive filing cupboard, filled with extravagances. From a business angle, social bookmarking can be an important part of your content marketing strategy of SEO.

You can think of it like this because you write a blog post that doesn`t necessarily mean someone will read it.

So, once you write it, you have started to think about how you can share it online platforms so the other one can find and read the content. It is called content marketing.

That`s where social bookmarking comes in- and it takes intelligence to take the time to develop profiles on various social bookmarking sites and not only use them to share your content.

You need to discover other users on that platform, get to know them, share their content, find cool stuff to read, share, learn, etc.

Start driving traffic with these social sharing sites

It is hard to start driving traffic with these social sharing sites. You need to follow some expert instructions.

Firstly, you need to fill content in your profile.

Secondly, promote your content.

Thirdly, make your content easy to share on social sites.

Fourthly, Post when the audience is active.

Fifthly, keep focusing on sharing visuals content.

Six, Engage with your audience.

Seven, Test paid social advertisements, it is an effective way to start driving traffic with these social sharing sites.

Social sharing sites which boost SEO and drive traffic

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • Quora
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Dribble
  • Pocket
  • Folkd
  • StumbleUpon
  • Linkedin
  • Scoop.it
  • Diggo
  • Tumblr
  • Fark
  • Dzone
  • Airpim
  • Instagram
  • We Hear It
  • BizSugar
  • Trendiee
  • BibSonomy
  • CiteULike
  • Pearltrees
  • Medium
  • SlideShare
  • Flipboard
  • Feedly
  • Google Plus
  • Instapaper
  • Kirtsy

Secret tips for productive social bookmarking

Do you ever surprise why you rarely make it to the front page of social bookmarking sites? Because your strategy is not enough. Today, I would like to disclose secret tips for productive social bookmarking.

  • Make sure your content has value in social bookmarking.
  • Make your title eye-catching to the viewers.
  • Make it easy for your site for the users to bookmark.
  • Create an interesting profile.
  • Have a sense of timing for your submission.
  • Make a good first paragraph.
  • Never go solo.
  • Do not use automation when you are submitting it.
  • Always try to be conversant.

How social bookmark benefits you?

  1. Build Your Brand awareness
  2. Help you to make Viral your content
  3. Improve SERPs
  4. Get relevant Traffic by sharing content
  5. It creates interaction with the users which increases the popularity of your blog or website
  6. Help in heaving for newly published content when you share content on social bookmarking sites.
  7. Help to reduce bounce rate
  8. Improve Page authority and dominion authority
  9. Social bookmarking sites are User approachable where anybody can accomplish bookmark here
  10. Don’t need more time to add your material and share story on social bookmarking site
  11. Earn the quality backlinks and raise your backlink profile.

FAQs about social bookmarking sites

✍ Social bookmarking Help in boosting Website and SEO?

Yes, Social bookmarking sites work fine to boost the website SEO and also help to improve brand awareness.
I will not suggest you add the bookmark on each social bookmarking site. Share your post only on quality top free social bookmarking sites which are listed in this article.

✍ What is the definition of a good social bookmarking site can be?

Finding the quality social bookmarking sites is not an easy thing and free social bookmarking sites can add much value to your blog is also a very important thing.
Check the junk score and traffic of the social bookmarking site. Remove the site from your list if you find the high junk score as this type of social bookmarking sites can harm your SEO ranking.

✍ Does social bookmarking submission help to drive traffic on your blog?

Yes, Social bookmarking sites help to bring traffic to your blog. Social bookmarking sites permit you to do many operations such as sharing the newly published post and label it with other users that belong from your niche.

So first choose your mark audience and how you can method users to visit your blog. Many bloggers are still using these off-page SEO techniques for getting the link and drive traffic for their blog. I also recommend you use social bookmarking techniques and get assistance from it.

✍ do you find the quality social bookmarking sites list?

Finding new social bookmarking sites is not an easy thing for those who are new in blogging and SEO sectors. They don’t have any technique to hunt social bookmarking sites.
There are many ways to find new and quality social bookmarking sites such as contact with Pro blogger and SEO professional, they can make easily offered social bookmarking sites for you as they work hard to search quality social bookmarking sites.
Digital marketing opportunity sites are also a great place to get a free social bookmarking sites list.

✍ Can Google Punish your blog for too much bookmarking submission?

Yes, your blog can be punished by Google if you add the bookmark on many social bookmarking websites.
Check all mediums of the social bookmarking sites before using them as it can help you to save your blog from the Google forfeit.
Check the site Junk score and find bad links that are linked to your domain then prohibit them with the help of Google’s Disown Tool.

Final Words

We’ve taken a peek into the digital world, and what we’ve discovered is that it’s massive. Each business has millions of hoping to succeed online.

Digital marketing is an extensive strategy for success, but only if you properly know which tools will help you to get there.

I think you are very happy to know that social bookmarking is one of the most effective tools that you can use to build your brand’s reputation.

Social Bookmarking websites are very helpful to build your brand reputation.

It will drive consistent & genuine targeted traffic to your website by increasing the internet user’s activity on your site. Social Bookmarking is an all-time best off-page SEO technique for any website or blog.

It takes a village, and social bookmarking surely helps connect you to yours.

Md. Shohel khan

Shohel Khan is a dedicated web developer with more than 20+ years of experience! In his career, he has created several successful startups. But most importantly he’s the biggest fanboy and the truest evangelist of the Tecxoo.

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