Why You Should Start Email List Building Right Now?

Why You Should Start Email List Building Right Now?


It’s golden rules in marketing that “Money = Email List

You can More earn than you collect more emails (Must you target audience email).

If Google does penalty your site or Facebook to ban your business page, will you close your business?

But if you build an email list, you’re the boss of your own money generating asset.

That’s why you should start to build an email list from right now.

Are you thinking about building an email list but you have some doubts about why it’s important or why it’s needed for your blog?

We want to cover some reasons why you need to start an email list and why it’s important. Many bloggers and business owners just don’t realize the importance of building an email list and this usually happens when you’re first starting out.

You’re not really sure what it’s gonna do or how it’s going to improve your business and that’s okay. Most people usually change their minds when they start seeing the impact that an email list can have on their business.

So in this post, we want to describe to you the top reasons why you need to start an email list today. 

So if you’re ready let’s get started.

What is an Email List? 

When you receive a list of emails through your blog or website, it is called an email list. Email list building is easy if you have an awesome email marketing tool like GetResponse. 

All of these email addresses are used to provide marketing material for blogs or other organizations. 

Why Email List Is So Important?

Worlds most famous blogger, marketers are using email list building strategy to grow their business.

Here are some example:

Email list building is a powerful and actionable marketing strategy. Here are few reasons:

1. Email is super personal

It allows you to land in a user’s email inbox and you can’t say that about any other item on the web that can do that. Social media doesn’t do that, Facebook, Twitter none of those can do that and it’s incredibly powerful the fact that you can end up in a person’s email box if they sign up for it and think about that. That is HUGE because you also don’t need a ranking system like Google to tell people who is popular.

Once you have someone on your email list they have to be the ones who say I no longer want to be a part of this. Until then, you have a constant communication channel with them directly.

2.  Get immediate audience feedback.

In the beginning when you’re writing on your blog or your website then you tend to use keyword research to know what the audience might want to hear about but then once you start having an email list you can get feedback from them immediately. Meaning you can send out a survey and it’s amazing the results that you’ll get or you can ask them a simple question.

Ask it to everybody and you’ll be amazed at the results that you get with people responding to that email. So it’s very purposeful.

3. Email Is Targeted

Email is targeted, which means the user is actually showing interest. They said yes I’ve read this thing I want to be a part of your email list because I’m interested in what you’re talking about so it’s very targeted to what you’re talking about.

You can even take this a bit further and do something called segmentation and we’ll go through that in a later video but it’s called segmentation and you can segment your targeted users even more. Say you have a lifestyle blog and you talk about DIY, home organization, and recipes you can segment your readers that they only want to hear about the DIY so then you only send them to DIY articles.

4. You own your email list.

This is so critical to the success of your business. If you look at things when you’re trying to rank your website Google is the one that is deciding who gets to be up there, Facebook their algorithm can change and your Facebook page, many people lost a whole business because they relied on Facebook that went away completely overnight.

But with email, you own that list and it takes each individual to unsubscribe from your list otherwise you still have people interested in what you’re talking about so that is super powerful.

5. Email is one-to-one Communication

Email is one to one communication channel which goes back to its very personal people read the email in the privacy of their inbox they can start a rapport with you, they build trust with you because you’re constantly giving them great information in their inbox, and then they feel like they’re getting to know you so they start having a conversation with you.

6. Email is Used Often

How often do you do a Facebook post or a tweet out, that person has to be there on that day in time to possibly see your post or your tweet and the algorithm has to be okay with showing them your tweet. With email, the person checks their email several times a day and you stay in their inbox until they physically remove you. So again that’s very powerful.

How to Start Making the Email List?

How can I start to build email list, this question is running in your mind, Right?

No worries at all.

We’ll show you the exact method to start this process.

E-mail marketing and to build your list needs time.

If you want to start your e-mail list, you need to provide some exciting things to your subscriber. In return, you will get the email from them.

  • It can be a free eBook.
  • It can be a Course.
  • It can be a Plugin made by you.
  • It can be a theme made by you.
  • It can be an audiotape.
  • It can be a videotape.

Everyone love to get FREE things. When you will give them free materials like such things they will subscribe to you.

We highly recommend to use GetResponse for building your e-mail list because this is the best e-mail marketing tool that maximum blogger, marketer and others business professionals are using.

When it comes to setting up your goals, such as your regular online course offers, training, or any other services, email marketing is the most effective way to grow your online presence.

Here are few steps to create effective email list building ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Step-1: Choose your email marketing provider

Have you a plan to send your marketing email from your Gmail account? If yes, you’re in the wrong place. Because it’s a business not to your best friend or cousin. 

You need to use an email marketing provider to send the marketing email easily. 

There are thousands of email providers out there but the one that we recommend is GetResponse. It’s one of the best email marketing providers if you’re serious about growing your list without any hassle.


We recommend GetResponse because you have so many more options to grow your list.

Here are just a few reasons why I love it:

  • GetReponse is a user-friendly email marketing tool.
  • It comes with powerful tagging and segmentation features.
  • The customer service team is super helpful.
  • Emails are delivered reliably

Step 2 – Set up your email marketing account

Now sign up with an email marketing provider and set it up. If you want to go with GetResponse, simply click on the “Sign up for free” button. 

GetResponse Sign Up

Step 3 – Create an opt-in form for your website

Next, you want people to be able to sign up to your list through your website. GetResponse email marketing tool has forms that you set up and then simply add to your WordPress website.

Step 4 – Write your first newsletter

Now, you’re ready to send your first newsletter. Before you start sending promotional materials to your subscribers, think about how you can best serve them.

You have a huge opportunity to send or add value to your subscribers. When someone essentially says, “Hey, I like you enough to give you my email address,” you have to ensure the beneficial things to provide them.

Step 5 – Create a welcome message

Your welcome message is the first email to your new subscribers. They will receive a welcome message automatically after they’ve signed up for your newsletter and confirmed their subscription.

First impressions absolutely matter that you have to consider. For this reason, you should optimize and put extra effort into your welcome message.


Email list welcome message best practice

Welcome emails are something like online dating. Your subscribers signed up for your newsletter because they were attracted to your brand message and even profile. To make the relationship with them, you need to provide on that promise.

Here are a few best practice to create a welcome message:

  1. Say “thank you”: Say “thank you” to your subscriber to receive your emails. Show your appreciation to them by sending a formal note of thanks on behalf of your brand. “Thank You” format can be as simple as. You can write a line of text or use GIF images.
  2. Set expectations: Welcome message is the first stage for your subscriber to be more trusty. So set clear goals to send them messages. Share content that will love your email audience.
  3. Introduce yourself: Your current customer may not signs up for your email list. And moreover, all of your email subscribers aren’t actually customers. You need to provide a little more information about you and your business. This procedure will help them to trust your brand even you. Set a clear message that what will receive as a subscriber. 
  4. Deliver your incentive: Who isn’t like incentive? Everyone wants to get free bucks! Right? If you promised an incentive upon signup, it’s the best time to share in your welcome messages. Don’t keep your subscriber waiting to get incentives from you. Look how Uber does incentive. 
  5. Share helpful resources: When your new subscriber waits for your next message from you, use this opportunity to share your important resource link. This resource link will help them to come back again and you have also get another option to sell your products or service. The resource can be your blog post, guides, videos, or any important product link. 
  6. Get social: Your social presence is another great way to encourage engagement to your subscriber. You can set your social profile link in your first email. And also you can encourage them to share your social channel with their friends and family to get some type of incentive.
  7. Stay connected: This is the last stage to send the welcome message. You can share your contact information and tell them feedback. So that if they face any issue or any questions come up, they can easily contact you.

How to manage and maintain your email list

It’s very important to keep your email lists organized. If you have a lot of email subscribers on your list that hasn’t any organized way to send them, your open rate is going to be low. That wouldn’t be good enough for your business. 

Keep your lists organized by using these tactics:

1. Segmentation

Segmentation is the process of separating email lists based on subscriber personalized preferences. When your subscribers input their email, you might have prompted them to fulfill few criteria or to answer a few questions. 

According to a research of email marketing expert study, segmented emails can be 18 times more revenue than un-segmented general emails.

2. Analyze email list data

This is another important part of organizing your email list data. Analyze email data is some kind of track of your subscriber.

If email subscribers click on your expected links, you can track their clicking behavior.  Email marketing tools like GetResponse provides this kind of option to track your subscriber.  When they opened your email, it can be tracked. 

Re-engage old contacts

Sometimes you found your subscriber inactive. You have to implement a strategy to be active.  It’s very important to find and select actual email data that will be your asset. Inactive email addresses don’t back any revenue. 

In fact, recent research shows that re-engaging any old subscriber is about 50% cheaper than spending money on converting new website visitors to your email campaign list subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I really need an email list?

Absolutely. If you want to grow your business effectively, email list building is a vital part. Suppose, if Google bans your business website or blog, will it be closed? Do you want to see this kind of issue? When you own a huge amount of email list, your business won’t dependent on any type of platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other channels.

Why buying email lists is a bad idea?

Buying email lists is so bad idea for any business. Because you need targeted people who will be more effective for your products. An email subscriber is not only your subscriber but your future customer. Irrelevant email lists won’t provide you profit. But it can harmful for your business.

How can I get a free mailing list?

You can get a free mailing list in several ways like white pages, yellow pages, LinkedIn, facebook, referrels etc. But always remain that you have to get targeted subscriber who are actual buyer for your business. Hundred of targeted email is more effective and better than a tons of email free email collected from different sources.

Final Thought

Building an email is vital for your blog or business. To convert your visitors to customers, an email marketing strategy is the best option than other marketing tactics. If you are dependent on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others, you will be needed your content according to their algorithm update. But if you build an effective email list, you can be risk-free. 

Md. Shohel khan

Shohel Khan is a dedicated web developer with more than 20+ years of experience! In his career, he has created several successful startups. But most importantly he’s the biggest fanboy and the truest evangelist of the Tecxoo.

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