Best Do-follow Questions and Answers Site List with High Domain Authority

Best Do-follow Questions and Answers Site List with High Domain Authority


Are you looking for the best Questions and Answers Site List? Then, this article is for you to find some useful sites in 2020 with high Page Rank also reliable.

As here you will get complete information regarding Question and Answer Sites. How do they work? What are the benefits of using these question and answer sites? What are the tips for using these sites? The question and answer sites are mostly like forums.

But the forums are niche-specific and you can only ask questions related to that specific niche that you need to know or you know about. But on these kinds of question and answer sites, you can ask any type of question that you don’t know the answer for and will also get the perfect answer very quickly for free from different kinds of people around the world who are using these sites.

The knowledge age internet contains is vast and never-ending. You can find almost anything to virtually everything over there. If you are willing to know something interesting and new, you may type your query on the question and answer sites.

On the other hand, if you have good knowledge about any specific thing in your niche then you would help others by answering their questions.

The question and answer sites list are highly useful to boost traffic to your site. The best part of these sites is that they are always crowded with high-volume organic traffic. If readers find your answer relevant and helpful, they would like to go through your site via your link. 

Additionally, they may upvote, like, or share your answer. In a world where everything is digitalized. Education has also taken a step up. There are many online classes there for taking doubts about every child has become difficult for both the teachers and the education system. To solve this kind of problem there are various question and answer websites available which may help you.

The details provided for each website is accurate and you are free to use them accordingly. Nowadays, question and answer sites are available everywhere that play a vital role in SEO.

If you are an SEO professional, you already know it, but if you are a beginner, you must know this fact and use these high (Domain Authority) DA, (Page Authority) PA  & MOZ Question and Answer sites list. We assure you of good results because Google provides a good amount of traffic as well as backlinks from these sites.

So, Here Question and Answer site list is to help you get a good amount of traffic and backlinks. We are a bunch of Digital marketing professionals who understands the importance of questioning & answering in SEO.

So, we have provided you with websites that work. Get it and work; if you too want that your website must get a high amount of clicks then add your website thereby questioning or answering on these sites. Give it a try and expect great results.

Hence, by using them you can attain a huge amount of traffic to your blog or website that may even convert into good potential leads or customers. To help you further with these sites, I have presented a question and answer site list that is popular in 2020.

What Are Question and Answer Sites?

High Domain Authority and Page Authority question and answer sites are those websites that allow the users to ask any question and get an answer for the same. The collections of question and answer sites for SEO is the list of the most popular question and answer sites that may create backlinks and get huge traffic by engaging audiences.

Question answers have made a platform that is a process of engaging users to share your ideas, knowledge, and Information to the people who need it and create links back to your sites and get more traffic.

These types of websites have High Page Rank (PA) and also provide high-quality backlinks to your website. By giving answers to the questions related to your site’s niche can help you to improve the off-page SEO of your website.

If you want to start your career as a blogger, content writer, or webmaster then this article is very important for you. These sites will also help to increase the ranking of your websites in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Free Question and Answer Sites like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo answers can also help you in getting more traffic to your website.

Benefits of Using High Domain Authority Question and Answer Submission Sites

The benefits of using high Domain Authority question and answer submission sites are more. The High Page Rank question and answer sites list is available on this web page. You need to know about the benefits of these types of websites.

  1. Free question and answer sites help you to get high-quality backlinks with your content.
  2. These websites help to attract a large audience to your website to gain more money.
  3. You may also get in touch with the widest communities of your niche through working on these sites that you were not in previous.
  4. It also helps to get more relevant traffic to your website if you use more keywords in your content.
  5. Question and answer sites improve the visibility of How to question queries.
  6. Through the question and answer sites, you could engage your customer directly.

Besides these, there are more benefits of using high Domain Authority question and answer submission sites are given below.

Larger Audience Interaction (LAI)

Appropriate answers having a URL to your site is a superfast way to attract a large audience to your brand.

Become a part of niche-appropriate communities

You may get an opportunity to be part of the largest communities of your industry or niche. This also makes it for you to target your customers easily.

Improved SEO

The question and answer websites list include completely informational sites that don’t let users do spammy activities. So, if you can get backlinks from these quality sites, search engines would love to reward you with higher rankings in SERPs.

Free to use

The website mentioned in the question and answer sites list are free to use and you don’t have to pay anything for expressing your views on multiple niches with your audience globally.

Right knowledge access and sharing

Also, when you don’t find an appropriate way to solve a problem then you can post your question on any of these sites mentioned in the list of Q&A websites and get solutions from the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Profile improvement

When you’re consistent with questions and answers on these sites then it enhances the trust and credibility of users in your brand, which results in the improvement of your business profile.

The significant content strategy element

You can do more than just improving SEO with a question-answer website list. You can strengthen your content strategy, enhance brand awareness, build relationships with prospects and collaborators, and develop your brand as an expert in your industry.

How Do Question and Answers Websites Work?

Nowadays, People are very curious to know about the unknown by the grace of the internet, they can easily find their expected answers from every corner of the world. These kinds of websites have a large number of users who frequently asked their questions. So, many users asked questions and wanted the best answer at the same time.

If you find any question related to your niche or topic then you can post your answer with your website URL or by commenting there. If the person who asked the question likes your answer, your answer will get on up and announce the best answer on the websites, and like this, you can ask any kind of questions too on the websites. Most of the websites are free to use as web, their mobile application on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

How To Use Free High Page Rank Question and Answer Submission Sites?

It is very easy to use free high page rank question and answer submission sites, for these, if you are new on these sites. Then, first of all, you have to create your account by submitting the required details such as username, email, and password wanted by the websites. You may also sign up directly using social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter, etc too.

  1. After submitting the details, you will receive a link to verify your account from the websites through email or phone number.
  2. You can sign up on the multiple websites on my list.
  3. After your account will get verified, you can edit your profile on the websites when you need it.
  4. You need to complete your profile with details like First Name, Last Name, and Website URL as additional settings.
  5. After that, you can join the communities that belong to the same niche as yours.

And after completing the above steps, you can submit answers or ask questions now.

What should you do and should not do while using Question Answer Submission sites?

After completing the registration on question and answer submission sites you need to follow some terms and conditions as per their policy. Make sure for the terms and conditions of all question and answer sites. If you try to ignore or misuse their norms, they may remove or delete your answers and even permanently disable or block your account. Here are the most important and common points you need to remember for all High Page Rank (PR) question and answer submission sites on the list. I have mentioned some important guidelines for you that you should do and you should not do. 

  1. Always keep the focus on writing the relevant answer according to the question.
  2. Never try to include the spammy links like an affiliate link, Blogspot links of other websites.
  3. You must write unique answers if you want to become more famous in the sites.
  4. Ensure your answers are not copied from others.
  5. Use rich keywords for your answer.
  6. Try to avoid negative answers.
  7. Always use relevant images, videos, and references within the answer content if possible.
  8. Try to avoid too long answers that are unnecessary.
  9. Avoid grammar errors and misspelled words can hamper understanding your question and answer. Try to avoid this kind of error within the questions and answer both.

Tips for using Questions and answer submission sites?

You have known much important information about question and answer submission sites with high Page Rank PR. I will suggest starting using these sites after having enough posts on your site so when people are directed to your website from the question and answer sites.

They will find something relevant to read and expand their knowledge by websites. Alternatively, you can start working on this question and answer sites list after 6 months of site development. Besides work, the main objective should gain and expand knowledge among the people.

If you cooperate continuously on these sites for regular questions and answers, you must be able to get results within the next six to twelve months with approx. Five to Ten backlinks every month. However, the number of backlinks generated from questions and answers sites is dependent on how frequently you use them.

Top 10 Best High Domain Authority Question and Answer Sites List in 2020 with Descriptions

  1. Quora
  2. Reddit
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Yahoo
  5. Twitter
  6. Wikianswers
  7. Ask Me Help Desk
  8. Askville
  9. Answerbag
  10. Blurt it


Quora is one of the best Question and Answer submission sites on my list. Quora is an American question and answer website that was founded and developed by Adam D`Angelo in June 2009. The headquarters of Quora is located in Mountain View, California, USA. It has more than 300 employees and raises the revenue of 25 million-plus within 2019.

Quora is a platform that contains content in a question and answer format for the users, and users can participate in the segment. Its main objective is to help, share,  and grow knowledge in the world. You can choose it for article submission that can also be quite useful for you, as Quora is one of the top-rated sites for targeting the right kinds of audiences also. It also ensures quite productive backlinking opportunities for your articles. You must join here to get better experiences and backlinks.


Have you heard the name of Reddit? Have any questions on your mind? What kind of content can you get here? What is the relation between Reddit and questions and answer submission? I am going to solve all these questions. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating like voting, and discussion website.

One can create the topic on and share any kind of content here from stories to relations and images also. This site is stopped with gaming discussion but now, people have started gossiping about other topics also, and it is accomplished by providing great traffic. People visit here to get the expected answers to their questions.

If you have a website with technical content, then this social bookmarking platform is surely cooperative in it. One can depend on this platform without any question and try it out. According to May 2020, Reddit ranks as the 19th-most visited website in the world. Most of them are from the U.S.A. The most popular posts from Reddit’s frequent subreddits are visible on the front page to those who browse the site without an account. The most interesting part is, there is no need for an email to register on Reddit.


Linkedin is one of the greatest platforms to search the maximum number of questions and answers. It operates by its website and mobile application. It was used from 2003 for professional networking sites where employers posting jobs and jobseekers drop their cv.

Linkedin has an almost worldwide subscriber minimum of 700 plus million. Most of them are registered. Linkedin members can invite anyone to join Linkedin. Gradually it is expanding rapidly due to the pandemic situation. You can find Linkedin in most visited questions and answer the submission sites list.

Yahoo Answer

Yahoo answer is a non-commercial question and answer site that was launched by Yahoo Inc in 2005. Yahoo answer is probably the most popular community question and answer powered site with more than 800 million users where thousands of questions are asked and answered every day. All the questions are categorized in such a way that you can easily find a related question in a category or place your question in a relevant category. Answers are mostly rated by visitors and the best rated answer will be displayed as the best answer for a question on yahoo answers.

You need to register with the site to ask or answer the questions they need. To ensure the users participate actively, it has started a points system. You will spend points for asking questions and when you answer the questions you will earn them. Depending on the points earned, the user level will be defined by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo answers provide in multinational languages like Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese.


Twitter is American blogging and social networking service. It is so important and ranked very well in the question and answer submission sites list. It was established in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and it started working in July. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity. In 2019, more than 340 million users posted 1 billion tweets a day.

Most people use it to post content, links, and images that they find exciting and praiseworthy to come back in the future. Tweets are publicly visible by default, but senders can limit message delivery to only their followers. Users can tweet via Twitter, a friendly application of Twitter available for the smartphone. Users may subscribe to other users. Tweets are known as following and subscribers are known as followers. 

The contribution of Twitter is a lot for social bookmarking and the internet user. Now, Twitter is another very good platform to get answers and opinions from people around the world. It is most similar to Aardvark in some respects, but where it does fall short is that you are limited by the number of people who follow you. Thanks to the retweet, however, there is always a good chance someone will be kind enough to share it with their followers.


Wiki answers were founded by Mark Tebbe in 2002. Wiki answers have a huge database of questions and answers and they are arranged in about 5,372 categories for easy reference. On the homepage, you can post questions and also see new questions and new answers for the questions asked.

You can also answer questions asked by other people and most of the answers are moderated and the best and relevant answers will be displayed. The reference library will help you get the reference you needed on a select topic. You can browse through un-answered questions to answer them or browse through the answered questions and add your answer to a question. If you are registered with the site, you will get email notifications whenever your question is answered.

Ask Me Help Desk

Ask Me Help Desk is one of the leading free for the question and answer sites. You need to register with mail and other information on this site and create an account for free to ask and answer questions.  When you will get the answers to your question others will receive an email notification about the answer. The key feature of this site is very interesting that you can also get paid for providing answers to questions.

You can also become an expert on this site by answering more relevant questions so that you can build a reputation for the site. It also allows you to communicate with other members privately to share knowledge with others. By this site, you can enhance your community too.


Askville was launched in December 2006. Askville was co-founded by Korean-American former investment banker Joseph Park and previously co-founder of Now Askville is powered by Amazon. The most interesting part of the site is when you ask a question all the related questions will be shown for you to find the answer instantly without any difficulty.

If the question that you have asked becomes unique then, you can post your question on the site to get them answered by the other people or members of Askville from across the world. If your question gets answered, you will get an email notification so that you can easily see the answers.

Askville has tried to encourage user participation, it will issue gold points, unlike yahoo. By asking or answering a question, you can obtain gold points according to the policy of Askville. You can comment on answers and also give a compliment to questions and answers too if you want.


Answerbag was founded by the Leaf group in 2003. Answerbag was a website where people submitted questions and gave answers arisen by the user-submitted questions. It was canceled on 15 December 2015.

You can find answers to various questions from different categories on Answerbag and you may ask questions on any topic but you will need to register to do that. You can also browse through questions in selected categories according to your choice and you can also read all the questions and answers posted by other people.

Blurt it

This is another popular question and answer site where you can ask questions and answer them without registration. You can also browse through questions in various categories and browse through the Questions and Answers posted by other people or members.

You can explore answers across various topics and classes and get opinions from various people across the world on a selected knowledge area.

Top 100+ Best High Domain Authority Question and Answer Sites List in 2020

S.NoQuestion and Answer Site

Finally, we have reached the end of the discussions of the High Domain Authority Question and Answer Websites list. This post would help you in getting a huge amount of quality referral traffic to your site for better experiences.

This is the most amazing off-page SEO activity we have ever found. We hope and wish that you find this post useful for improving SEO and overall online brand presence and reputation. We know sharing is caring, try to share this knowledge with others so that they can also make an excellent step for their business and let it grow exponentially.

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