151+ High Authority Article Submission Sites List (Instant Approval)

151+ High Authority Article Submission Sites List (Instant Approval)


Nowadays, Article submission is considered to be one of the most effective, reliable, and accessible techniques that SEO incorporates need. Article submission helps to boost the websites rapidly to raise Domain Authority rank in the ranking.

It helps to drive traffic to your website. Article submission provides two choices link, they are no-follow and link do-follow. According to the type of audience that the company wants to attract as they want more viewers to their money sites, it can choose between the two.

Article submission has created a lot of opportunities for new content writers to show their ability and innovation.

Article submission sites list not only play a huge role in increasing traffic to the sites but also increase search result rankings as it is a proven method off-page SEO.


Article submission sites list has come with a blessing to new blogs or websites. Hundreds of free instant approval submission sites list are indeed an opportunity for submitting high-quality articles.

Search engines like google crawl quality content from article directories making many articles in high public relations article submission websites go viral. This reflects in search results and the biggest gain is a backlink hiking the authority index of the blogs or site.

A higher search engine ranking of a blog raise website traffic by way of organic searches. According to the experts, for attaining some decent traffic, for the first time, bloggers and new admins must compulsorily submit at least two or three high-quality articles on article submission sites list with instant approval that can improve search engine performance of their blogs and sites.

What is the article submission?

Article submission refers to an off-page SEO technique in which you write content as an article and publish it on your or other websites. It is a method by that you can write articles that are related to your business.

You can also add your content to the famous article submission directories. It is the process of submitting an article related to your website or business to high-quality websites that accept free article submission. 

The main purpose of doing article submission is to increase the visibility and the popularity of your websites that might help you to gain a lot of traffic to your article.

You can generate both do-follow and no-follow links to attract a huge number of visitors within a short time.

Article submission and digital content marketing also help a business publish as well as promote their content on article viewing sites in SEO. It helps augment the search engine ranking while increasing the traffic on the website too.

Most article submission sites with instant approval have been developed recently. It also contributes significantly to the efficiency of this particular SEO technique again. There are two types of article submission sites available like article submission sites and article Directory submission Sites. 

Benefits of Article Submissions in SEO

The benefits of article submission in SEO is the beggar description. Article Submission is the oldest and most effective off-page activity in SEO. It is also very helpful to create long term best quality backlinks to your content.

If your article is informative and with an attractive topic then it is also a big source of traffic generation on your website.

I can ensure you from my experience it is also helpful for your brand image creation. The most vital factor of article submission is to write an interesting and alluring article, Where you need to do with nominal grammatical errors.

Even I have frequently noticed that most people often incline to avoid reading articles that are too long.

Therefore, it is vital to keep in mind that the article should be brief and frank. But all benefits of article submission will work when your article has good quality then you can gain the actual goal in SEO.

I am going to tell you some important points of article submission in SEO technique are given below.

  • It is authoritative to make an article submission sites list having high quality and high DR Websites.
  • Article submission has an effective SEO technique.
  • Top article submission sites createlong-term backlinks from high Profile Ranking sites is pretty easy.
  • Bloggers can create lots of backlinks that may go viral if the content is of high-quality if they use the article submission site list.
  • Article submission site boosts the marketing results and popularity of your product or brand on the World Wide Web.
  • A good content writer will help turn your readers into customers.
  • Article submission helps you establish yourself as a leader in the industry.
  • It is a precondition to register on every website that needs to fill in the particulars items, especially your email address.
  • Within less time, more money you can earn.

The importance of Article Submission in SEO

Article Submission is very important in SEO because it helps you to platform your proficiency skills and content. With article submission, you can share some valuable information that will help to gain trust from clients and also help to build a brand. It also helps to improve page rank with relevant backlinks.

Article submission also helps to increase website traffic by publishing quality and fresh content online, also helps to bring in quality leads. If you publish quality and relevant content the long term value from the permanent link is also possible.

In the age of modern technology and digital content marketing, there are various strategies that companies and businesses always use to increase the reputation of their website and to gain more traffic than others.

These procedures include SEO, social media marketing, emails, and many more. Usually, the techniques used depend on the type of audience that a company also wants to attract.

Article submission is one of that method of digital advertising. You know that nowadays, article submission is one of the most effective and popular off-page SEO techniques. It is the process of submitting quality articles related to your blog to high-quality websites.

The only purpose of creating articles is to attract more audiences towards your blog as well as growth its visibility and popularity. In recent years, various article submission sites have been developed rapidly by public demand.

Article submission and digital marketing help a business publish as well as promote their content on article viewing sites. It helps supplement the search engine ranking while increasing the traffic on the website, the search engine rank is again enhanced by adding the right keywords in the content as well.

Using this technique, you can also increase awareness regarding your brand and the products. Since the potential of article submission as a digital marketing tool is only going to increase in the future. The chances of it becoming old and outdated are miserable.

How to submit the article submission in free sites?

Free article submission sites played an important role to submit your article. Without paying a zero amount you start earning.

If you start submitting articles to article posting sites, it is good to start with a list of free instant approval high Page Rank (PR) do-follow article submission sites.

  • The first step of registration is adding an email address, profile, and image for writer information. Adding a link to a writer website plus some keywords in the writer resource box will boost the profile.
  • After account confirmation, you have to log in with your same credentials by using email, username, and password.
  • Click on the article submission option on the menu. Fill up the form by using your article title, description, article body, tags, keywords, and writer bio at the finishing stages to submit your article.
  • We are discussing the details of the list of some top article submission sites here. You can choose the best article submission sites among them. Nowadays, HubPages is great as a publishing site for the new and passionate writers also.
  • It is good for creating a fresh audience as I said. Though it takes two or three days to get published yet, the quality backlink is worth for any website.
  • The true thing about Articles bases to reach new markets of readers to expand the visibility of a website or blog.

Steps that you need to follow after the approval of the article submission

You can face great loss although after submitting a high-quality article in instant article submission sites. To gain a huge amount of profit and more traffic to the sites you need to follow after the approval of article submission.

By submitting an article on free instant approval article submission sites is a frank process. If you keep in mind all the guidelines that I have mentioned above. After getting permission from the exact article submission sites you can grow your websites or blog visibility by executing specific other helpful steps.

Some of the important steps are given below.

  • You can submit the newly created backlinks (never forget to add) received from article submission sites to search engine submission sites easily.
  • You can also jingle your newly created backlinks to get them indexed by various search engines as soon as possible (must do).
  • Bookmark your backlinks which are using various bookmarking websites.
  • You need to linksocial media profiles is a much-needed step to organize the process of improving your blog’s popularity among the users.
  • You can also get high authority backlinks by submitting their articles to high authority Directory submission sites too. This is an effective technique in SEO.
  • It is often observed that people usually prefer visual content to written content.
  • Keep this in mind, various video submission sites have also been developed recently, you can convert your content into videos. After converting youcan submit them on such websites.

Some tips for article submission on top free instant approval article sites

You have learned some important facts about article submission, Althougharticle submission is a simple process it can be complicated sometimes if you don`t follow the exact guidelines.

There are various factors to bear in mind while applying to this SEO technique. You need to follow the tips step by step. By considering all the critical elements I have managed a few crucial secret tips which are given below.

  1. Firstly, It is a precondition to register on every website by filling in the particulars with your verified email address.
  2. Secondly, It is authoritative to make an article submission sites list that is containing high quality and high Domain Ranking websites that I have listed below.
  3. Thirdly, You also need to specify the proper category in which category your blog belongs to, such as recent news, beauty, nature, politics, education, etc.
  4. Fourthly, I always recommended including the link of your website as well as associated keywords in the writer’s explanation box.
  5. One of the most crucial factors of article submission is to write an intriguing and enticing article with minimal grammatical errors. I have frequently noticed that most people often bored and tend to avoid reading articles that are too long. Hence, it is important to keep the article brief and frank also.

The keywords are essential to every article since they play an essential role in attracting the audience towards your website in search engines.

You should not forget to include those decided keywords in the content that people might be interested in. Once the writing procedure has been done, edit and proofread the article and submit it to the article submission sites that you have short listed.

The moderator will check your article and determine whether it should be published on the website or not. In most of the time times, in case your article gets approved, the site sent you an email with your registered email informing you of the same.

Do-follow free instant approval article submission sites list

Excessive free instant approval article submission do-follow sites help, you can write subsequent articles. Description of the article with some of free does article submission websites receive time 1 month or time.

Registered it improves the term where people often you have worn content normally refers to include big companies.

Complete article submission sites, are you adding the list? You need to Determine, just bookmark this helps to add the CEO. Besides these, you need to analyze some do-follow article submission sites. Analysis of the better article submission sites is to improve the free submission do follow article submission sites.

A fantastic practice to increase awareness regarding their place online. Without wasting more lists for bloggers to do follow article sites in, outstanding post unique title is the most important. Interest and monitor the site proprietor is incorrect.

Worked as well, which is vital steps in this scope of the login to do for you. Pls read carefully I have listed 150+ do-follow free instant article submission sites with top Domain Authority Ranking.

Top 10 Do-follow free instant article submission sites list with description :


Have you heard the name of Tumblr? Do you know how it is important for free article submission? Tumblr is an American microblogging and social networking service. Tumblr was launched by David Karp in 2007.
Tumblr was owned by Yahoo.Inc in 2013, Now it is owned by Automattic from 2019. Tumblr has more than 500 million monthly users. There are four features of Tumblr for Web 2.0 submission like Dashboard, Queue, Tags, HTML editing. Other Web 2.0 platforms, Tumblr is also giving the offer to the users that they can edit their content and keep their content in private. Like other Tumblr has made a mobile application for iOS, Android, and blackberry.


Quora is an American question and answer website that was founded and developed by Adam D`Angelo in June 2009. The headquarter of Quora is located on Mountain View, California, USA. It has more than 300 employees and raises the revenue of 25 million-plus within 2019.
Quora is a platform that contains content in a question and answer format for the users, User can participate in the segment. Its main objective is to help, share,  and grow knowledge in the world. You can choose it for article submission that can also be quite useful for you, as Quora is one of the top-rated sites for targeting the right kinds of audiences also. It also ensures quite productive backlinking opportunities for your articles.


Sites.google.com is a web creation that is being developed by Google. It was founded by Google on 28 February 2008. Google does it with the free cost for the users to work as a medium of link building of their contents.
One of the main features of sites.google.com is Domain name mapping by this system the owners can map their site to a custom domain site. It is giving services on multi-languages over the world. Sites.google.com has greatly contributed in article submission


Github Inc is based in America. It is a global company that was founded in 2008 by Microsoft. Github is a popular article submission website and also has good ratings. This signifies that the articles published here will have an audience.
It provides for hosting software development. It has almost 50 million users. GitHub offers its basic services free of charge. Its more advanced professional and enterprise services are commercial, free GitHub accounts are commonly used to host open-source projects.


There are more paid article submission sites as well with high Domain Authority and Page rank. ISnare.com is one them. You can publish your article both free and paid, this site allows free articles and is a press release distribution platform. Mostly, It is a paid platform in SEO.
However, it charges a small fee of US 2 dollars to publish for every of your content. iSnare helps the user to publish their content in more than 2000 webpages. Moreover, as the user purchases more credits on iSnare.com, they also get the probability of getting the article submission service at a cheaper rate at a time.


Storify was launched in 2010 by Xavier Damman. It is located in San Francisco, USA. It was a social network service that provides the user to create or timelines using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. Storify was shut down in May 2018.
Storify is one of the famous sites for the creation and sharing of blogs and stories. It offers the features of combining several articles, or focusing on one topic or even making a point too. Users could add comments to the links that they provided within their stories not only this but also they could embed URLs in their stories. Users could also insert their own Storify stories for content syndication elsewhere on the internet if they want.


Nowadays, articlefactory.com is holding a great contribution to the free article submission site. It has various kinds of quality articles. It is more than 15 years old. It has a high backlink with Google Adsense. Daily page viewers are more than 1 million. It has raised more than 20 million profit from the selling article around the world. It can be a great place for you to publish your innovative articles.


WebWire was founded by Michael Schwartz in 1995. WebWire is a leading online platform that provides online marketing and news related to several industries as well but it is known to us as article submission sites. It is a huge collection of articles not only this, but it also provides news related to industries such as transportation, travel and tourism, banking, financial services, energy, retail, government institutions, technology, and more. WebWire is engaged in providing services such as distributing business, organizational, and personal news releases and press releases on and over the internet.


We are talking about free instant approval article submission sites, Amazines.com is the most visited free article submission site. Amazines.com offers its users free articles, free web content, and free article feeds which are submitted by their network of quality registered writers, you can be one of them. Once you registered, you can submit articles for the distribution to Ezines, affiliated websites, and anyone else who wishes to use their article database.
Amazines.com is building the most complete article database that is easy to use for the Author to submit and manage articles. It is committed as free and easy for the Publisher to use articles on their webpages and includes them in Ezines and other publishing mediums.


Myarticle is also a top-rated article submission site that allows its users to publish their content online freely. It has several categories that provide for a complete room of acknowledgment of the user’s high-quality articles.

150+ Best instant approval article submission sites list

Here, I have listed 150+ best instant approval do-follow and no-follow article submission sites list that may help to gain more traffic and fame in SEO. You need to create high-quality content for viral. Never forget to set backlinks that can easily share on social media sites.

  1. sites.google.com
  2. articlebiz.com
  3. hubpages.com
  4. sooperartices.com
  5. selfgrowth.com
  6. articlesfactory.com
  7. articlecube.com
  8. articlealley.com
  9. facearticle.com
  10. amazines.com
  11. 123articleonline.com
  12. easy-articles.com
  13. articlepole.com
  14. github.com
  15. openarticles.com
  16. dailyupdateme.com
  17. techsite.io
  18. dailygram.com
  19. tele.graph.com
  20. tumblr.com
  21. quora.com
  22. businessmodulehub.com
  23. pagesecret..com
  24. scoopparticle.com
  25. uploadarticle.com
  26. articleabode.com
  27. articleworld.com
  28. articlechamber.com
  29. articleoriginal.com
  30. netarticles.org
  31. write.as
  32. tostories.com
  33. fonolive.com
  34. bbncommunity.com
  35. voticle.com
  36. aticles-hub.com
  37. mynewsfit.com
  38. rainbowarticles.com
  39. articlesreader.com
  40. articles-hub.com
  41. hubpots.com
  42. smarticles.com
  43. articleavenue.com
  44. ourblogpost.com
  45. myseoarticle.com
  46. article.org.in
  47. articleinquiry.com
  48. postbuck.com
  49. articlecity.com
  50. yourviews.mindstick.com/developersection/blog
  51. appclonescript.com
  52. advertisement-articles.com
  53. uberant.com
  54. articlerich.com
  55. articlesss.com
  56. articlesearchnet.com
  57. bharatbhasha.com
  58. moodydose.com
  59. saching.com
  60. articleseen.com
  61. articleside.com
  62. webwire.com
  63. articlespromoter.com
  64. galoor.com
  65. articleuploads.com
  66. stillbonarticles.com
  67. articles.gappoo.com
  68. pr4-articles.com
  69. learnnpublish.com
  70. articleslist.net
  71. loudpages.com
  72. go2article.com
  73. article1.co.uk
  74. articlescad.com
  75. largearticle.com
  76. articlesforwebsite.com
  77. articlesnatch.com
  78. marketmyarticle.com
  79. hoombiztools.com
  80. webmasterslibrary.com
  81. ezinearticles.com
  82. articlization.com
  83. brighthub.com
  84. articlesneed.com
  85. otherarticles.com
  86. businessseek.biz
  87. awebcity.com
  88. articlesbase.com
  89. prolinkdirectory.com
  90. sitepromotiondirectory.com
  91. highrankdirectory.com
  92. allthewebsites.org
  93. marketinginternetdirectory.com
  94. usalistingdirectory.com
  95. buzzle.com
  96. thefreelibrary.com
  97. apsense.com
  98. abilogic.com
  99. warticles.com
  100. ehow.com
  101. article-buzz.com
  102. netezinearticles.com
  103. jumparticles.com
  104. bloggerpockets.com
  105. adarticle.com
  106. articledoctor.com
  107. articlebliss.com
  108. articlization.com
  109. sharehealthtips.com
  110. medium.com
  111. upublish.com
  112. articlegeek.com
  113. linkcompose.com
  114. simplysearch4it.com
  115. ezinepost.com
  116. articlecede.com
  117. streetarticles.com
  118. howtoadvice.com
  119. alarticle.com
  120. articlecatelog.com
  121. articlicious.com
  122. articles.seoforums.com
  123. openarticles.com
  124. articlepole.com
  125. blog.giganticlist.com
  126. articles.h1ad.com
  127. story.worldclssfields.com
  128. article.classfieldfactor.com
  129. bloggersroad.com
  130. seekingalpha.com
  131. brighthub.com
  132. buzzle.com
  133. ehow.com
  134. examiner.com
  135. squidoo.com
  136. appsense.com
  137. selfgrowth.com
  138. abiologic.com
  139. thefreelibrary.com
  140. articlespromoter.com
  141. articleseen.com
  142. warticles.com
  143. articles.com
  144. articlessubmitted.com
  145. idlexperts.com
  146. webpronews.com
  147. articlesbd.com
  148. a1article.com
  149. articleside.com
  150. articles.abiologic.com
  151. galoor.com

Final Words

I hope and wish that this blog will help you through how to use high Domain Authority article submission sites for getting traffic and high-quality backlinks to your website or blog.

It might help you to gain a strong base for the entry-level in SEO and digital content marketing. Not only this if you follow all the techniques you will become a leader in SEO.

After reading this complete article of instant approval article submission sites, if you find this information is valuable for you then try to share this post on social media to spread this post on Web. Because we know that Sharing is caring.

Md. Shohel khan

Shohel Khan is a dedicated web developer with more than 20+ years of experience! In his career, he has created several successful startups. But most importantly he’s the biggest fanboy and the truest evangelist of the Tecxoo.

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